Sunday, February 22, 2009

Making a Difference Everyday

I am M.A.D.E. …by Marcia Johnson

A great friend of mine(Carl Van Haght ~ ) introduced me to the saying, “I am M.A.D.E.” *****M.A.D.E. = Making a Difference Every Day … he says that if we Surrender to making a difference, we open ourselves up to all possibility.

“When we surrender, we allow the universe to work its magic; we say yes to infinite possibilities; we trust that things will work out as they are meant to; and we give ourselves permission to let go of the outcome. The act of surrendering can be liberating, intimidating, blissful, scary, and a swirl of so many other emotions. But in the end, we accept that life will work its magic if our words, thoughts, and actions have integrity and are impeccable." ~ davidji

A couple of years ago, I was so honor to come across a website that sends out inspiring messages daily for a happy, healthy and fulfilling day. So when I joined facebook, I started a group for the Daily OM as my way of ‘paying it forward.’ So every week day I send out a message from the daily OM to our facebook group. I write some of the Special Om’s that I send out, but the majority of them come directly from the Daily OM website.

My simple act of making a difference has encouraged wonderful things. By me hitting SEND every weekday, our group members have been inspired to do everything from smiling, change the way they view themselves and others, choose to be positive, meditate, reach out to a friend, ask someone out on a date, got along with a negative person at work, get married, bought a coffee for a stranger and even cut off their hair to donate it to children with cancer! I can do this simple act of making a difference, in my PJ’s…it is easy and cost’s me nothing…I LOVE to write, I LOVE to SHARE, I LOVE Making A Difference…I tell you this not so that I get a pat on the back….but to inspire you to do something…Make a Difference Everyday…even the simplest of actions ripple out into the world in such a way that you may never know how big of a difference that you have made… Every choice you make, every action YOU take, Everything that you do MATTERs.

Your ACTIONS don’t have to cost you anything more than the thought of knowing that you are M.A.D.E….
Here are just some simple ideas that you can choose.
1. Smile at everyone
2. Print out your very own Unique Peace Certificate for Free
3. Practice random acts of kindness
4. Register with Tag the White Flag /
5. Say Thank YOU
6. Hold the door open for the next person
7. Let someone in , in traffic
8. Tell someone that they look Great..(and mean it)
9. Give away a hug
10. Recycle
11. Donate rather than throw away
12. Shovel a neighbors walk
13. Visit your Grandparents…or adopt some new ones..
14. Join a community clean up day
15. Donate spare paper to local school
16. Write notes of encouragement
17. ‘Donate’ annual leave/sick leave to other employees
18. Mentor someone
19. Send a motivational application to someone… I know some great ones…
a. Beyond the Secret Quotes
b. Louise L. Hays Power Thoughts
c. The Eaupening Application
20. Invite friends to groups that you want to support.
21. Help someone move
22. Send your old magazines into the your local elementary school
23. Donate old toys (good shape) and children’s costumes to Peace Preschool
Peace Preschool
Jerusalem International YMCA
26 King David Street
POB 294Jerusalem
24. Volunteer at the local Food Bank
25. Coach a kids team
26. Babysit so your friends can go out on a date.
27. Be the Change that you want to see in the word
28. Pay it forward
29. Add comments to the walls of the groups that you belong to…share videos and links that fit the group
30. Adopt and attitude of gratitude...
31. SHARE Posting great PEACE videos in
32. Help a friend organize
33. Pray for love, joy, peace and goodwill for all mankind...

Some great ideas that cost just a little:
1. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you in the drive through
2. Make supper for someone whose family just had a baby, surgery or anyone
3. Surprise anyone (especially someone that you don’t know) with flowers
4. When paying for your school fees.. add extra money to pay for another student whose parents need a little help.
5. Buy an extra can of soup and donate it to the charity box in store
6. Sponsor a World vision child
7. Donate craft supplies to a local school
8. Check out the Make a Difference Network
9. Start a Christmas Jar…(Ask ME what it is)
10. Drop of a Veggie tray or squares at your child’s school to say Thank YOU

(Add more ideas by adding your comments to this note..)

*Know that who you are Makes a Difference… YOU make a Difference… Surrender to being M.A.D.E.

**Know that you are LOVED, LOVING and LOVEABLE…in your being my friend, sharing communicating and connecting with me…makes a difference… Thank you for BEING in my life. I LOVE YOU.

Most Humbly,

Stand for Peace


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