Friday, March 18, 2011

Are YOU Here?

I just had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite people on the planet, Wayne Dyer! During his presentation he quoted, "What is Real? That is Real that Never Changes!"

Think about that for a moment.... considering that we ourselves are always changing, at every moment. We no longer have the same cells that we had when we were twenty. The body that we came to earth with has grown and taken many forms. So according to the statement above ..WE are not real.

Taking that thought to the next level, I want to make sure that you understand that YOU are not your circumstances. You are not your Job, your bank account, you are not the story that you tell yourself you are.

Who You are is an individualized expression of Greatness.... YOU have the ability to Design your life and the Impact that YOU make during your time on earth.

Every Choice you make, Every Action YOU take.... Everything that YOU do Matters... YOU Matter! You are not who you were last year, you are not who you were in your youth... YOU are who YOU are... Now, so Choose to be the very Best YOU, you can be. Let go of the limiting beliefs about who you thought you were and BE the Divine Spirit that you are.

"Abundance IS your Birthright! "
I love You.

Stand for Peace


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