Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where is YOUR Focus?

No dis-respect to everyone who has or has had any form of Cancer, but the first time that I saw the note a couple of weeks ago, it really got me thinking. Last year it was a facebook game about the color of Bra that you are wearing, this year it has to do with a handbag. Be it in humor or not, the main intention is to raise awareness of the deadly cancer that causes amazing devastation in its wake.

We all know that what we focus on expands.... so why are we not celebrating GOOD HEALTH... focusing on that rather than focusing on the problem. Let's pass around more positive thoughts rather than Tears and negativity by paying so much attention on the DIS-EASE ...

Mother Teresa had a wonderful point when speaking about war ... she would never attend a war rally... but would be the first in line. What are WE focusing on with these little facebook games about the Cause of the problem? Let’s collectively place our focus on the SOLUTIONs instead. Why not come together in celebration of our lives, acts of kindness and in gratitude for the health that we do have.

I had the pleasure of interview a man a couple of months ago who had 3rd degree burns on over 90% of his body. (He is truly inspirational you can find him on Twitter at ) With 98% of his body being burnt it is hard to believe that he could remain positive, however do YOU know where he placed his focus? On the 2% that was not burnt. He lived because he used his Mind Power to bring the focus on Feeling Well and giving thanks for the places where he was fine.

An overwhelming majority of people die from the diagnosis rather than the DIS-ease itself. So let’s not think ourselves sicker… let’s share Health, Happiness, Gratitude & Love.

Yesterday I had a conversation on air with JR Matthew about Myth-Conceptions about hypnosis and how the simple power of suggestion can either help or hinder a person. A person’s unconscious mind has the ability to attract and manufacture what is real and what is not real. With that understanding, doesn’t it make more sense to draw Positive experiences to you rather than attracting and manufacturing more DIS-Ease? That conversation can be found on his fan page: . We share some great information about the Power of Suggestion and how YOU can use Mind Power to create the life of your dreams. (There is also a great portion of our chat about healing touch.)

Now you know why my status line does not say “Pink, Red or Blue… or on the table, desk or bed.” It is because I Value the Health of not only myself but also all of you. Ask me to celebrate with you, ask me to share in solutions or ask me to focus on positive events and I will be by your side.

If we were in quicksand does it help to put all of our focus on the sand… or would it be more beneficial to start thinking about how to get out of it? The floating of a boat never was accomplished by focusing on sinking. The light bulb never came to be by focusing on the dark… I Believe that within ourselves we have the ability to overcome, to heal and to create… so let us focus on the Solutions rather than the problem.

I wish for YOU to create the life of your dreams! YOU are the director of your own life’s movie, YOU are the captain of your soul! From the drivers seat you have the ability to control the destinations that YOU will arrive at on your Life’s journey!

I believe in YOU!



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