Thursday, April 1, 2010

Worlds Biggest Truck to be REPLACED!

After several years of debate Sparwood Town Council voted unanimously that instead of using some of the towns surplus monies on installation of a new town water park, they would be replacing the Titian instead so that Sparwood could truly have the World's Biggest Truck.

It has been many years since our beloved Titian Truck has welcomed visitors from around the globe to our wonderful community of Sparwood BC, however, due to stacks of letters and countless emails, the town council voted this morning that it was time for a change. Even though the Titian is the world’s largest double axel truck, they have decided to replace it with the true contender. The T 282 B from Liebherr will the mamoth to replace the Titian. It has a 2723-kilowatt diesel engine which powers two electric motors, making the T 282 B the biggest AC drive truck in the world.

“Every time I drive past the sign ‘World’s Largest’ truck I get mad because I know that it is not. I see bigger one’s at work every day.” Brad Johnson, owner of Apex Power & Automation.

Bobby Hutchinson, Amazing Author & owner of the Blue Collar B&B said, “It is about time, I am tired of explaining to guests that it is the world’s largest 'double axel truck'.”

Removal of the Titian is expected to take place once they find a tow truck big enough to remove it. The chamber is currently hosting a silent auction if you are interest in purchasing the Titian for a lawn ornament. Instillation of the World’s Largest Truck is expected to be complete by next April 1st, 2011. If you would like to comment on the council’s vote, feel free to email April at

Hehehehehe... I sent this out to all of the members of the Elk Valley BC Facebook group this morning... the sad thing is... everyone believed it was true!! I love where I live.. and think that sharing all of the amazing things that people are doing in the valley, helps inspire people to keep making a difference... because it really does change lives... No Matter how BIG or how small ... what YOU do Matters... YOU Matter!

Keep Shining my friends.
Humbly Yours,

I Love the Valley... Check out my perspective to see why!

A little Follow up on above...

Public Service Announcement!

The Titian is not being moved.... sold... or replaced.

The email that came out earlier today was ... you guessed it, an April Fools Joke!

We only had 1 person complain about this little tease. 1 person from the Chamber ...because she was concerned about an overload of phone calls. I gave her my number and told her to pass any concerns on to myself and I would apologize for any inconvenience that I had caused.

I forwarded her concerns to the Mayor and double checked with him to make sure that they never had any calls either .... turns out Everyone in the Elk Valley Group, does read to the end... well done my friends!

I LOVE the Valley and now even more... because of the wonderful sense of humor everyone here has.... the Olympic comity has nothing on us..

Thanks everyone for playing along!

Humbly Yours,

P.S. If you wanted to share the fun we had today, I blogged about it here:

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