Monday, July 19, 2010

Peace In Senegal

Tomorrow, I have the honor of interviewing a very special guest, Samba Kara Ndiaye, President of the Democratic Alliance, it will be an honor to have you join us.

We will talk about everything that he is up to including Mr. Ndiaye as the President of Senegal, his platform, information on his tour, what he is working on accomplishing, the plight of the people of Senegal, the problems in Senegal as well as possible solutions. And how we can bring the world's attention to the people of Senegal and assist the transformation of the country from corruption to finding peaceful solutions and protection to the children of Senegal from abuse. We will also discuss how Senegal has been a place for the Haitian people who have been displaced by the earthquake and what Senegal's role is in assisting others. Check out his website and on Twitter @sambakara More GREAT posts about him:

“In human terms, our ambition is to serve the people through solidarity, and our African Realism based on an ethic of honesty, truth and transparency. Our total conviction is in fact to achieve the integral development of all Senegalese, we should focus on general interest, moral integrity and patriotism.

The depth and daily practice of civic democracy is increasingly sought in the context of modern science and technology.” Samba Kara Ndiaye

Senegal needs your action, share the message about all of the injustice that is taking place in their country of 12,000,000,000 people! Senegal needs a peaceful Revolution! Peace help support the people of Senegal by sharing your thoughts and the show link with others in your networks… there is a global responsibility to unite as one voice for Peace and Human Rights.

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Humbly Yours,

Marcia Johnson
P.S. I would like to thank the wonderful earth angel Heather Dalberg, from for helping to make this interview a reality!

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