Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Do I Do?

So, the things that are do are many... but since you asked I thought I would send you a note to let you know some of what I do. A part of me is shocked at all that I have been able to far. I write about my life experiences and interactions in order to share my authentic self with YOU.

I am married and am a mother to 6 children. Two are my bonus children that my husband had before I met him... and my oldest two boys are mine from my first marriage...then we had two..

I am a business woman who is building ... I have extensive business experience including owning an Electrical company and working in the investing/ stock market world...Among other things. Stock Harmony is my way of highlighting companies that make a difference in the doing business with integrity, transparency and honesty. In order to support this, I host a radio show called Stock Talk Radio...

Another part of what I do, is promote Peace...and Inspiration. To do this I host another radio show called Inspired by YOU on Planting Seeds for Peace Radio. I am working in conjunction with Lynne Hazelden to create a worldwide celebration in support of Peace One Day, Peace Jam, Jerusalem Peace Preschool, Kids for Peace [and many more] elevate their amazing work to highlight Peace. Check out what is in the works at and while you are there, stop by the home page and download your FREE Peace Certificate. {I also just started officially writing for to reach out even further… to help make a difference in others lives… and let them know that they are not alone on their journey of learning… }

My 'Marcia Johnson' facebook page, is my way of bringing together everything that I do in my life... including creating all of the groups & fan pages listed there as well as the FB applications that I have created. I believe that through sharing and elevating others I not only become a better person...but it is my way of giving back in gratitude for all of the wonderful experiences I have been blessed to have in my life. Everything that is posted on my fan page [by me]… was either written by me, , built by me, photographed by me, or created by me.

For me, Facebook has been my way of sharing with thousands of people who may only be interested in one of my facets...but through my sharing have been opened up to a world of possibilities... invited to think, grown and share with me on their journey of learning. Facebook has given me the opportunity to serve others like never before. I am able to reach out to people around the world and hopefully touch their hearts & minds in a positive way that makes a difference for them.... because it makes a difference to me.

Thank YOU for asking what I do... what do YOU do?

Humbly Yours,
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Would You Do?

This weekend, my family and in-laws went camping across the border on the outskirts of a small U.S. city. We had a great time playing in the water, bike riding and hanging out around the fire. It was fun to just relax and enjoy the sound of laughter from the kids playing. While we were there, my sister in-law (Jenn) and my two oldest boys (Colten [15] & Keyten [12] decided to go shopping for some new school cloths.
When we pulled into a parking spot, we heard a woman yelling. The boys and Jenn got out of the truck and we shocked to see the woman throw her purse and start hitting the young teenager in front of her. I was still in the truck as Jenn yelled at me to come watch this… I got out in time to see her smash the boy again and pull him down the sidewalk by his hair.
I yelled across the parking lot for here to stop it. I said that I would call the police because that was child abuse. She yelled back, that the police told her to put her hands on him and that he needs to stop swearing at her, and that the police could not find him when he ran away. That I should tell the police that it was her that found him. She pulled the boy by his hair all the way to her vehicle, shoved him in and drove off.
We all stood in shock and horror at the scene that we just witnessed. If this is how this lady treated her son in public…what was going on behind closed doors? As my family came together to talk about what we had just witnessed we approached the boys friends that were sitting on the bench outside the mall doors. One of the kids had a cell phone in his hands so I asked if he was calling the police. I said that we were all witnesses to child abuse and we would speak up for the boy. The kids had obviously had seen this type of behavior by this woman before because they did not seem to be phased by it at all. They were his friends but appeared to be numb to it all.
My sister & my boys walked into the mall and spoke about how sickened we felt about the entire event. Jenn said no wonder the boy ran away, if that is how he is going to be treated at home, she would not want to be their either. It was obvious to us that the parenting at home was not working, and the boy was indeed a product of his environment. What was happening at home was not working, so he was seeking change… the change he found was running away. Perhaps not the best option, but doing the same thing over and over again as a parent…and expecting different results…was not working for the mother either. With this parenting role model in this 14 year olds daily life, what are his options?
Right inside the mall, with tears streaming down my cheeks, I held my son’s and told them how much loved them . Without caring who was watching they both hugged me back…and told me they knew that I did.


What would YOU have done?
Humbly Yours,
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