Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 and YOU!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! A great way to start off 2014 is to give thanks for the Peace that you have in your daily life. The more we celebrate the Peace that we have each day and show gratitude for all of the peacemakers in our lives, the easier it is to see the kindness that does exist in our world. Each day billions of people consciously choose to Peace, through intentions and actions. We understand the whole world is not perfect, however.... we choose to highlight the "Good" in all things, people helping people, helping the environment, helping creators of all sizes.

Making a Difference matters! No matter how small or grand... What YOU do Matters!

What have you done to make an impact today? Did you let the people around you know that you love and appreciate them? Today you can make the conscious choice to shine your light a little brighter, smile and choose to be positive.
Tell your kids that you think they are great; let your Boss know that you are grateful for your job. (If you are not, start looking for one that you can be passionate about and excited to get out of bed to get to each morning.)

If this was your last day on earth, who would you want to talk to and what would you want them to always remember when they think about you? Why not share that with them now? 

What can you do today that lightens the load of another person? What can you do to lend a hand or help out? It is a wonderful feeling to know that today, I made a difference. I listened to a friend when they needed to be heard. Or that I shared a story or experience that helped someone not feel so alone.

I want to remind you encase you may have forgotten, You are Amazing! You will never know the real impact that your ripple effect can make on another person’s life. Big or little, make an effort... You may even save a life by simply looking into someone in the eyes... Because they feel seen! It may seem too easy but I know it to be true! 

Over the years, I have shared my heart, my life, my bloopers, my experiences, and my love with people around the globe... And more often than not, I receive tear stained emails, expressing their gratitude for Being here for them, for the motivation + encouragement that I continue to share. Not all of the stories or thoughts will be "one size fits all." However, the simple act of sharing... Can be exactly what the reader or viewer needed at exactly that moment. 

So, don't be scared... Pay it forward and make someone else's day by expressing your gratitude for them and who they are in your life.

Remember that Every action that you take, every decision that you make, Everything that you do matters. You matter! You are only on this earth for a limited number of days; don't let another one pass you by without making the conscious decision to express your gratitude... Every day. 

I Love YOU!
Co-Founder of PEACE in OUR Lifetime & Founder of 11:11 Community

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lynne Hazelden Tribute

As a tribute to Lynne, if you have not downloaded your own FREE Peace Certificate we invite you to do so today! www.peaceinourlifetime.org RIP our dear Lynne Hazelden.

Lynne's Funeral will be held a week on Monday, on the 16th December at 2pm. The service will be at the Worthing Crematorium. All are welcome. Instead of flowers we would prefer you donate to Lynne's YesToLife page.

This will carry on the amazing work they do to support people like Lynne.  Please help us by sharing this status to let everybody know.
Here is a link to the Venue:
— with Lynne Hazelden.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Peace Pioneer Lynne Hazelden

This morning my dear friend Lynne Hazelden passed away. In her memory I wanted to share the story of when I met her. In 2009 a very insistent Lynne came across a Facebook page I was building called the Eaupening. She loved what I was up to because it was in alignment with what she had been up to. She was looking for a partner to help her build her foundation. The first year across the ocean we organized concerts for Peace. We had 16 live concert events web-stream into our website. The next year we joined forces with Peace Day TV and had over 6 Million viewers of #PeaceDay events.
Lynne We talked on Skype for years before finally this summer we got to meet in person. She was just the same as she was on Skype. We spent days together laughing, exploring and hanging out at the Deepak Chopra Centre. We promised each other we would go back. This summer she was supposed to come to Canada for a camping trip. She spent hours on the phone talking with my little girl, she always wanted to know what all of my kids were up to and with genuine compassion cared about all of the events in my life.

Six years of talking on Skype and co-creating events with an ocean between us has shown me that anything is possible! Peace is not only possible but exists, Lynne encouraged us to celebrate the Peace that we have in our lives every day. I am so glad that she is no longer going through the struggle of getting better... but I miss her! I miss her as my earth Angel and friend. I have a hole in my heart now that she has passed on.

Lynne was an Peace Pioneer, GoodWill Ambassador, Transformation Facilitator/Coach, Poet, Writer, Actress - Founder Planting Seeds & The Kind
To read her Bio check this out: Woman of Action

I Love the tribute that Lynne's friend Olma Edeki  wrote for her:
 "You came into our lives Lynney like a flowing river... You touched our hearts in ways we never imagined..

You freed many of us from a small world of individual pursuit, causing a movement of love, generosity and compassion; a community that came together in sun, rain, sweat, tears and joys to accompany you in your journey which today has become endless..

As my mind struggles to understand that this journey had a different turning; my heart knows that your time is endless and lies beyond the hands of time..

You've freed yourself from the complaints of the body.. You've crossed over to the other shore.. And I'll never forget the light you brought into each one of our hearts.

Thank you Lynney for standing for something bigger than yourself, for being extraordinary , magical and out if this world..

Thank you, all of you, for your support, love and stand for Lynney..
For every penny raised, event created and attended, for every breakthrough, for every fear faced and every conversation had.

Thank you for allowing Lynney to touch your heart.

Rest in Peace my beautiful friend.. Missing you so deeply."

About PEACE in OUR Lifetime
Peace in OUR Lifetime offers a free personalized peace certificate to each person who consciously chooses to Stand in Peace. Their voice is counted in efforts to recognize 1 billions souls standing united in celebration of the Peace that is. We will also supply this certificate to organizations who wish to also offer the certificate, (without coming to our site and no registration or email is required.)

Until we can see the Peace that is being created already, we will not know peace, or feel empowered to create more peace. Together we can restore faith and realize that peace begins with each one of us and ripples out.

We can begin now and give this planet back to the people who are making a difference everyday.

As we shift our experience from one of power and force to one where we see the differences we are making and inspire people to help, work together and bring change to their life locally.

This will restore faith in our ability to create peace.
Peace will be known to exist as the bigger part of who we are.
We will be in action rather than being overwhelmed with the idea.
Peace is possible because we are already creating it every day.. maybe .. we just did not see it!
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"We're all unique and see the world differently and yet,
we are ONE VOICE standing together for Peace" 

Having a Peace Certificate shows that a person has made a conscious choice to Stand for PEACE. It is a gift to thank them and a way everyone one can be counted collectively, as one voice for peace. They can put their free Peace Certificate anywhere: Post it as their profile picture. They can print it on a t-shirt, mug or make a poster of it and share it anywhere they choose. 

Peace Day Invitation Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXLffphlJA0

Founder of Peace In OUR Lifetime initiative:                   Co - Creator / Co-Founder
Lynne Hazelden                                                                Marcia Johnson
Founder, Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation            CEO, The Eaupening/ Stock Harmony


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

11:11 Awakening Community

11:11 Awakening is currently taking place all across the world. It is simply a calling to remember who you are and who YOU are meant to become. It is the opportunity to ask yourself where your Beliefs came from, to stop listening to FEAR propaganda and to become a self-directed person rather than someone who simply follows the crowd because everyone else is doing it. Now is the time to decide Who you are, What YOU want to accomplish and how YOU can make the world a better place! YOU can make a real difference, every action you take, every decision YOU make... Everything that YOU do Matters! YOU Matter. When you see 11:11, sequences of numbers, or other special numbers (to YOU) it is your Angels trying to get your attention. Take notice of when you see the numbers, what you are doing at the moment, if they mean or meant anything to people you love. It is a sign that you are right where you are supposed to be as well as a sign to be mindful of the present moment.

11:11 Awakening Code group is here to support YOU and Peace in OUR Lifetime, Love Ology, the Eaupening, & Daily Inspiration and many more amazing people and organization links are below:

Peace in OUR Lifetime:

Eaupening (opening)

Daily Inspiration

Enlightening Times Magazine UK

 If you are someone who is also writing and energizing the 11:11 awareness, we would love to invite you to come forward to be a writer, contributor so we can share your work to the group in updates. If you have an 11:11 group, page or work and is aligned we would love to list your group or page on information so people can find you. Feel free to share Inspired infomation on the facebook 11:11 Community page.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cima needs the Support of People Like YOU!

I recently had the opportunity to spend two weeks at Cima. This is an amazing place that helps street kids. We were provided to be able to get to know these boys and the organizers. I will be going back as soon as possible to help out with anything that I can do. I truly loved getting to know the boys and their life stories; they have a permanent place in my heart. I will be back in Cima soon.

Marcia Johnson on Twitter 
 Cima is currently seeking two licensed psychologists are asked to work in our group home "CIMA" located in Cieneguilla, Lima, Peru; Those interested call 479-8201 or send your CV to hola_henry@yahoo.es https://www.facebook.com/cima.peru?fref=ts 
For more information please watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk4D9jzv2sc

“Cima is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to boys who live on the streets or find themselves in high-risk situations. CIMA welcomes boys that suffer, have lost hope and have been rejected by their own families. Boys from nine to sixteen years of age are accommodated with the goal of reinstating them in their homes and in society. CIMA tries their best to provide the boys with a home where they can satisfy their basic needs of affection, housing, food, health and education. Projecting values such as teamwork, discipline, commitment and respect is an integral part of life at the CIMA home.

The home is located in Cieneguilla, about 21km from Lima's center. Six dormitory buildings can each house up to 16 boys. On the 12,000sqm areal there are areas for administrative use, classrooms, trade shops, a library, a music hall, a bio-farm, a sports court, a gym, a chapel, gardens, a small animal nursery and other recreational facilities. Multi- disciplinary professionals dedicate their time to supervise, assist and guide the boys.

How you can help CIMA:

  • Volunteer: You can work with the boys of CIMA by giving your time to contribute toward the integral formation and the improvement of self-esteem.
  • Make a special contribution: These contributions are designated to cover a specific necessity or to finance any of the infrastructure improvement projects
  • Make an annual donation: These are made once a year to cover a specific need.
  • Become a "godparent". For US$ 100 per month you can be part of the "Padrinos" program and cover the costs for supporting and developing a boy.
  • Become a "friend". For US$ 20 per month you can be part of the "Amigos" program and partially cover the support and development of a boy. For further information get in contact with CIMA
  • Donate goods: You can also contribute consumable goods, basic products, food, clothes, shoes, books, school supplies, medicines, tools, electrical equipment, computers, etc. Everything is needed and welcome!” Information via http://www.limaeasy.com/social-projects/projects-volunteering-lima/cima

Recientemente tuve la oportunidad de pasar dos semanas en Cima. Este es un lugar increíble que ayuda a niños de la calle. Nos dieron para poder conocer a estos chicos y los organizadores. Me voy a volver tan pronto como sea posible para ayudar con cualquier cosa que yo pueda hacer. Realmente me encantó conocer a los chicos y sus historias de vida, tienen un lugar permanente en el corazón. Voy a estar de vuelta en Cima pronto. Humildemente, Marcia
Cima está buscando actualmente se les pide dos psicólogos con licencia para trabajar en nuestra casa hogar "CIMA", ubicado en Cieneguilla, Lima, Perú; Los interesados llamar al 479-8201 o enviar su CV a hola_henry@yahoo.es
Para obtener más información, por favor ver: https://www.facebook.com/cima.peru?fref=ts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk4D9jzv2sc
"Cima es una organización sin fines de lucro que brinda asistencia a los niños que viven en la calle o se encuentran en situaciones de alto riesgo. CIMA da la bienvenida a los niños que sufren, han perdido la esperanza y han sido rechazadas por sus propias familias. Niños nueve hasta dieciséis años de edad se alojan con el objetivo de reintegrar en sus hogares y en la sociedad. CIMA se esfuerza todo lo posible para proporcionar a los niños un hogar donde pueden satisfacer sus necesidades básicas de afecto, la vivienda, la alimentación, la salud y la educación. Proyectar valores como el trabajo en equipo, la disciplina, el compromiso y el respeto es una parte integral de la vida en la casa de CIMA.
La casa está ubicada en Cieneguilla, a unos 21 kilometros del centro de Lima. Seis edificios de dormitorios cada uno puede albergar hasta 16 niños. En los 12.000 metros cuadrados areal hay zonas para uso administrativo, aulas, tiendas comerciales, una biblioteca, un salón de música, un bio-granja, una pista polideportiva, gimnasio, capilla, jardines, un pequeño vivero de animales y otras instalaciones recreativas. Profesionales multidisciplinarios dedican su tiempo a supervisar, ayudar y orientar a los chicos.
¿Cómo se puede ayudar a CIMA:

Voluntario: Se puede trabajar con los chicos de CIMA, dando su tiempo para contribuir a la formación integral y la mejora de la autoestima.

Stand for Peace


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