Tuesday, June 25, 2013

11:11 Awakening Community

11:11 Awakening is currently taking place all across the world. It is simply a calling to remember who you are and who YOU are meant to become. It is the opportunity to ask yourself where your Beliefs came from, to stop listening to FEAR propaganda and to become a self-directed person rather than someone who simply follows the crowd because everyone else is doing it. Now is the time to decide Who you are, What YOU want to accomplish and how YOU can make the world a better place! YOU can make a real difference, every action you take, every decision YOU make... Everything that YOU do Matters! YOU Matter. When you see 11:11, sequences of numbers, or other special numbers (to YOU) it is your Angels trying to get your attention. Take notice of when you see the numbers, what you are doing at the moment, if they mean or meant anything to people you love. It is a sign that you are right where you are supposed to be as well as a sign to be mindful of the present moment.

11:11 Awakening Code group is here to support YOU and Peace in OUR Lifetime, Love Ology, the Eaupening, & Daily Inspiration and many more amazing people and organization links are below:

Peace in OUR Lifetime:

Eaupening (opening)

Daily Inspiration

Enlightening Times Magazine UK

 If you are someone who is also writing and energizing the 11:11 awareness, we would love to invite you to come forward to be a writer, contributor so we can share your work to the group in updates. If you have an 11:11 group, page or work and is aligned we would love to list your group or page on information so people can find you. Feel free to share Inspired infomation on the facebook 11:11 Community page.

Stand for Peace


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