Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free

I have some great things to tell you about and they are all *FREE… Yes I said Free!

#1. Peace In Our Lifetime
Nature ~ Humanity ~ Environment

"We're all unique and see the world differently,
and yet we are one voice standing together for peace"

So for your *Free and uniquely numbered certificate… click on the link below and stand with me for Peace In Our Lifetime…. I am voice # 1,294 This banner has been created so one billion people can actually be counted standing together for peace - to see if we can make a real difference in the real world. Why one billion? This figure is more than ten percent of the whole population - which quantum scientists say will create a shift in consciousness.

#2. *Free Applications....that I made just for YOU… Power Thoughts… Daily Affirmations... every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. So why not choose to use only positive affirmations to create a new way of thinking, acting, and feeling? This is a great way to build a more rewarding life...."I know you can do it!"
The Eaupening (opening) application …Where attention goes energy flows...when we change the way we think, we change our world! This is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to the creators of your favorite group.

#3. Free Inpiration...from the Humbly Giant himself... Deremiah *CPE
If you have not yet stumbled across this great man yet, it is my honor to introduce YOU...
Trust me you wanna know who Deremiah, *CPE is! He was once a kid from one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago and he nearly died after his parents divorced. But then he had a "life changing" experience and this is what he passionately passes on to you. That you too can have an amazing life changing experience.

Now he's been celebrated by the company everyone considers the JD Powers or the Microsoft of the motivational speaking industry. The company that's published more motivational speakers and products than any other company. The organization that started it all Nightingale-Conant Corporation. He received the life time achievement award above for having major community impact. Now he's endorsed right here on this website by more successful CEO's, President's of corporations and world class Mega Authors like Mark Victor Hansen the hugely successful co-author of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" books. And Brian Tracy an internationally known speaker and author that reminds viewers like you why Deremiah's speaking presentations are life changing.

#4. Become M.A.D.E. by Connecting...
The simple act of greeting, waving or smiling to someone you don't know is a open peaceful connection to another soul. The purpose of wearing or should we say choosing to wear a White Flag pendant immediately indicates your willingness to help in bringing about healthy, positive meaningful and peaceful change. This choice is in fact your deliberate decision to say " I AM M.A.D.E." (I am making a difference everyday) this simple icon of peace that is known globally as a symbolic gesture of surrender or truce will help to unite us all peacefully.
It is imperative that we choose to start making a difference daily for the future generations... The good news is that we are well underway in bringing this opportunity to all people on our suffering planet. Our vision and powerful intention is that all charities, Non government organizations, the general public, the corporate world all can and should choose to be connected and unite with each other under the umbrella of the White Flag exchanging ideas and having conversations freely about M.A.D.E.(making a difference everyday) Namaste!

Look him up at It does not matter where on earth You live.. watch his videos and (join the page.)

#5. The Energy of an Embrace *Free Hugs
There's nothing quite like a good Hug. Anyone who hugs me always gets a good squeeze, 'cause I mean it. Beyond that, it's the simplest form of expressing love and caring for those we are fortunate enough to get close to. This is why the Free Hugs campaign is so brilliant. Peaceful, heart felt connection doesn't require words...

So… Check out these great *Free sites…and remember that some of the best things in life are *FREE…those are some of them that make a BIG difference.

Wishing YOU a day filled with Green Lights and LOVE!
Most Humbly,

P.S. Don’t forget…You can Pre-order you very own copy of Beyond the Secret @ The new DVD "Beyond the Secret" takes the viewer from wandering inspiration to applied ACTION.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Infinite Side of Possibilities

My very best thinking has gotten me to where I am today… let that line sink in for a moment, think about it and toss it around in your brain. My very best thinking has gotten me to where I am today. That line is the very reason why I am a LIFE Long Learner.

I am not condemning all that I have accomplished up to this point, or judging who I am. I am defining myself worth to be that of a person who strives to do better than I have done before. To learn from all sides of my experiences and to challenge myself to reach higher. I am an apprentice of lifelong working towards an existence of self mastery.

A great mentor of mine told me once that until you have put 10,000 hours into something…it truly has yet to become the best that it can be. Once you have dedicated 10,001 hours into something… than you are considered good at your craft… So as a student in human form, I am following my intuition step by step to build my faith and self awareness.

The Teacher always shows up...once I decided to adjust my perspective, everything changed. I now look at everyone as a Teacher with something most valuable to teach me. It is my job to figure out what the learning is for me. This shift in thinking has allowed me to stop judging others and opened up the doorway to LOVE them. When I stood in judgment of others in the past, I did not define them, I defined myself as someone who felt exalted over others…and how could that have been true, since we are all one…and in that oneness, we are all equal.

In allowing myself to join the infinite side of possibilities, I have the perspective of immeasurable abundance. Through these eyes, I see Solutions; I become a solution provider and permit myself to no longer be a part of the “predicament”. This is why I am actively moving towards not only learning more but also applying the new teaching into my life.

It is amazing to me to witness how hearing something at just the right moment, helps it to stick in my thoughts and show up as actions. Even though I may have been shown the same lesson over and over, it is when I am awake to the possibilities of the lesson that I can learn from it.
So here’s to the over 10,000 hours of self mastery, self love, and self acceptance… within that lesson not only do I teach others how to treat me… but I learn how to divinely treat them as well.

Most Humbly.

Marcia Johnson

Stand for Peace


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