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Flying at 16,000 Feet. (Thoughts & Tips)

Flying at 16,000 Feet. (Thoughts & Tips)

Have you ever wondered who else on the airplane needs the information about the altitude that we are flying at besides the pilot? As I fly to Vancouver this morning to host a Social Media strategy session with some investor friends, I can’t help but wonder what relevance how high we are flying has for any of the passengers. (Other than, how many feet high is a mile?)

I got a call last week from my Mentor in Mining asking me to pop in for a little brain storming session and as he put it… “ I AM Social Media,” so he needs me at the table. Over the last several years I have made it my mission to know the ins and outs of Social Media and Social Networking, I have created about 40 groups and pages, built an application that has had 1.5 million little inspirational quotes and pictures sent around the globe. With Facebook alone, I have been able to create a platform where I have easy access to about 150,000 amazing people. Not to mention the 50,000 people I can tweet with on the tenish Twitter accounts I built to support the Facebook pages. It sounds very time consuming and it was when I first started out, however auto feeds and a handful of dedicated “Sharers” have made it possible to become much more efficient with my time management, therefore creating a very simple and effective communication tool.

Syndication and Automation, have helped to make it possible to maintain this huge system without tying me to it babysitting it all of my waking hours. That is why I can “Pop” in to meet with friends when they call. January, I popped into Washington, earlier this month I was in Nashville and now I am on my way to Vancouver. Next Month, California followed by Florida after that with perhaps a stop in Denver in between. From the outside looking it, it seems a little overwhelming especially since my husband and I have 6 kids between us and an interprovincial electrical company to take care of. However, when I am not sitting in an airplane I work at home … this allows me to spend the maximum amount of time with my kids and ensures that I can make it to the majority of their events. (Calendar planning is a must in our house.) I do my best to keep business related calls to a complete minimum after 6 o’clock and for the most part not answer the phone or turn on my laptop during the weekends. Unless my kids are doing their own thing, then it is a little different.

So with all of the Sky miles that I put in, I have learnt some very valuable lessons that I would love to share with you.

Firstly, do like the Scouts do and “Be Prepared!” Put your ticket & Passport in the same pocket every time that you get it out! This makes checking in a much smoother process and helps not make enemies because you are holding everyone up.

Second, travel with luggage that has 360 degree rotating wheels. I know that it sounds like a minor thing, however it makes all of the difference in the world when you are trekking at top speed down the moving sidewalks trying to make your connection 3 terminals away … terminals not gates, huge difference. Wheels that just roll and do not pivot help your bag tip over in your hand when you make quick turns. If your suitcase or carryon can stand upright unassisted, that comes in handy too especially in the washroom.

Third, A drink in the sky is worth two on the ground. That has nothing to do with price, it means that the altitude (maybe that is why the Pilot wants us to know how high he can fly,) affects the way that your body handles the alcohol. I am saying this as a public service announcement because I have been on many flights that people have found themselves double fisted drinking like it was their first time. It is only funny for the couple moments when the drinker stands up and realize how they perhaps only needed the one drink; unfortunately they are not double the “funny” when it comes to their comedic styling’s.

Fourth tip of the day, check out smaller airlines! A lot of them don’t register on big searches so it is a great idea to check directly on the smaller airlines websites for flight prices. For example I am currently flying on a Pacific Costal aircraft. The service is outstanding; the staff is happy and helpful not to mention I saved $400.00 on today’s flight verses Air Canada’s cost. No kidding!

Well I think that is enough unsolicited advice for one flight, so until next time. Fly Safe, and remember that flight security have a warped sense of humour so don’t be joking around with them when you walk through the full body scanner, because they can still do a pat down as well as dole out an internal thumbs up… if you know what I mean.



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P.S. I would like to apologizes to anyone who may find my humor a little deep... my inner monologue is broken and since I am allergic to surgery I am not going to get it fixed any time soon. :) Big HUG! Mj

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