Monday, July 12, 2010

Technology and Peace

Do YOU have your Peace Certificate?

Peace in OUR Lifetime is excited to be working in conjunction with TENDE Tags, who have donated a Microsoft Tag to Peace in OUR Lifetime. YOU are invited to download a free Microsoft tag application and take a picture of this tag to be directed to our Peace in OUR Lifetime page where you can sign up for your own uniquely numbered Peace Certificate, by entering your Name and Country.

From there you can use your free Peace Certificate anywhere: including as a profile picture, print it on a t-shirt, share it on websites, print it on a mug, make a poster of it and share it anywhere.

Having a Peace Certificate shows that YOU have made a conscious choice to Stand in PEACE & Gratitude for the Peace that is created every day.

Marcia Johnson & Lynne Hazelden Co-Founders of Peace In OUR Lifetime

Peace Day Invitation Video

Lynne Hazelden’s presentation on Peace Day and why she is working so diligently to highlight the Peace that is!


“Every day people are helping, caring and supporting each other with peaceful acts in families, communities and countries, yet society hardly notices. If we focus on these positive acts and achievements, then we can change the way people see the world, and restore people’s willingness to believe they can make a real difference,” said Ms Hazelden, “Every individual action and voice counts, and I believe that there is now a willingness to co-operate with each other and to bring an era of dignity and grace, rather than greed and personal resignation.

You could say that there is an evolution of our capacity to co exist.” Lynne Hazelden

Marcia Johnson Co-Founder of Peace in OUR Lifetime & CEO of the Eaupening & Stock Harmony “Every action that WE take, every decision that WE make matters... WE matter. Together WE are creating the future that WE want to see in the world. It is up to all of us to celebrate and focus on the Peace that WE do have, so that we can shift our collective focus onto creating more of the same. Globally WE can Stand together in gratitude and thanks in celebration for the Peace that we have every day. By shifting our perspective from ‘fear based thinking’ to creating Solutions out of possibilities, WE create an Eaupening (opening) for change and opportunity. Not only is Peace possible, it is at the core of our human experience. It is up to all of us to unit in elevating the Peace that is into the ripple effect of Peace Abundance that can be. "

Humbly Yours,


Stand for Peace


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