Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sharing Peace via Video

Prospects for peace are better today than they have ever been. We live in a time when communication through technology is possible to help create conversations between us and people who we have been told are our enemy. We can now see for ourselves directly that people all around the world have many more similarities then we have differences. We can start working together rather than racing against each other to create jobs, which provide a living wage for families around the globe.  These are basic human rights, to work and to live with dignity. Kerry Kennedy said, “Moral courage means to standing up not just to the government but to your friends and family for what you believe to be right.”  With all of the problems we are facing globally it is easy to stand back and ask, but what can I really do? The answer is simple; anything you do will make a difference. “We must become the change we want to see.” Mahatma Gandhi 

Not only do I believe that Peace is possible, I see it every day. It is where we put our focus that helps expand our understanding, think about everything that you did today, did it result in anyone dying? Did it help or make someone’s life easier? What difference did your actions make? Over 6.8 billion other people also chose actions that did not put anyone else’s life at risk. Globally the overwhelming majority of people consciously chose to create peaceful actions. Only a handful of people did anything violent, or harmful, but because of what is brought to our attention, our focus is usually on the violence rather than the peace that is created daily. What we focus on expands, where is your Focus? 

We invite YOU to create a video to share what Peace means to you and how you are grateful for the Peace that you have in your life.  With and inside a collaboration, to raise awareness of The International Day of Peace and CELEBRATE ‘A DAY OF GRATITUDE & THANKS’, we will share your video with all of our contacts, to focus on all the good being created by people all across the World.

Peace Day (21st September) is to be part of the largest ever gathering of individuals in the name of peace. On this DAY, in 2007 in Afghanistan, through the efforts of Peace One Day, 1.4 million children were immunized for Polio. Since then where Peace Day agreements have led to the vaccination against polio of over 4.5 million children in recent years.. We wish people to be aware of this and the great work of all our partners and individuals work for peace. We will honor the part of humanity that is working towards harmony with others, creating a better world and thank the extraordinary stand billions of people will take this day to allow a peaceful planet to pause and let love and peace grow. This day, we step beyond cultural boundaries, race and religion in partnership - in your homes, schools, communities and our countries and bring peace for one day.

“PEACE will bring not only an END to WAR, but to POVERTY and HUNGER too. Peace in our hearts will find us naturally taking care of our ENVIRONMENT, NATURE, and all our planet's creatures along with the inhabitants we share this gorgeous earth with.” Lynne Hazelden

Another great way to be inspired is to watch our video :

We also invite you to mark your stand for Peace by downloading your Free personalized PEACE Certificate. (No email necessary.)

Thank YOU so much for taking the time to celebrate the Peace that is created consciously this and every day.
Co-Founder of Peace in OUR Lifetime

Marcia Johnson co-owner of Apex Power & Automation also the co-founder of Peace in OUR Lifetime, in conjunction with Peace Day TV have celebrated Peace day over the past 7 years by hosting a Global Party for Peace where we give thanks for all of the people who make a difference in the world and our lives. These music events, parties & assemblies are web-streamed on over 1000 websites including the United Nations website. As for locations, there are so many, here are ones that have LIVE portions on our broadcasts: UK, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, India, Spain, Benin, Israel, Afghanistan, Ghana, England, Brazil, New York (U.N. HQ), Canada, Ecuador and locations in the U.S. include Hawaii, Los Angeles, Portland, and Philadelphia to name a few.

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