Friday, March 6, 2009


We can BE...DO...and Have anything that we want... Our attention is most greatly served by working on the BEing...all of the rest will follow....WE can accomplish ALL things... Because we are the Creators of our own destiny. We are All Important to the expansion of this universe. So gone are the days of the “Have, Do, Be,” thinking… flip it around and START…Being the Change that We want to see… BE it Now… Start Now…LIVE NOW! Don’t wait… just Start. WE can DO IT…because WE are Divine. Everything that we need is here…within US. We are the Directors of our own lives… so no longer do we have to live on default… Step through our FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) because, the only thing holding us back.. is us…everything else is just the ‘story’ around it… Failing does not make us a failure… Beyond the Secret teaches “Failure is our fertilizer…it will help us grow!”

Everything is hard before it gets easy…so let’s pick ourselves up, learn, grow and live the lives that We have always wanted… ‘Stuff’ doesn’t matter..the ‘stuff’ will come and go, look around at what is important in our lives. Show an ‘Attitude of Gratitude.’ Be thankful for all of the things in our lives…everything, everyone who continually makes a difference in our daily life…regardless of how big or small. Remember that Every Action We take…Every Decision We make…Everything that WE do…MATTERs.

BE happy, joyful, loving and kind. Under promise and over deliver…in everything that we DOHAVE an open heart, a flexible mind and a humble nature. Make a differnece everyday. Be like Water… it starts out as a modest drop falling to earth from the heavens’… it connects with the streams, and is in service as it travels… it bows to the ocean as it takes its place as the most dominant source. “Nothing in the world is softer and weaker than water. But for attacking the hard, the yielding, nothing can surpass it. There is nothing like it. The weak overcomes the strong; the soft surpasses the hard. “(Tao Te Ching )

Together… we are the Ocean… allow your life to flow… surrender to the motion… and you will arrive upon the shores of your deepest desires.

“With each new objective we accomplish, we will discover that we are more powerful than we ever imagined, and the prospects that once seemed intensely daunting will begin to seem more manageable. There is nothing we cannot do when we believe wholeheartedly in our prospects because our devotion gives us the strength we need to overcome all manner of obstacles. We will flourish in our goals because we are unreservedly determined to realize our chosen destiny. We can accomplish almost anything, however, when we are ready to challenge ourselves within the context of our aspirations.” The Daily OM

Know that YOU are Loved… You are Loveable..and that YOU are Loving.
I love YOU and am most grateful that YOU are here.. Thank YOU
Most Humbly,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Is The Eaupening?

What is the EAUPENING (opening) beyond an application? When we share with others we create an Eaupening in our consciousness that helps us grow in understanding of others perception of things and events.

  • EAU = [Oh] French for WATERNothing in the world is softer and weaker than water. But for attacking the hard, the yielding, nothing can surpass it. There is nothing like it. The weak overcomes the strong; the soft surpasses the hard. (Tao Te Ching )
Water flows into, around and through. It is the makeup of 70% of our own bodies and our planet. Water is patient, soft and powerful. It can be clear, cleansing and refreshing. Water is source.

  • Pening= an invitation to the world to become authors /contributors of all things Positive. When we place our focus on Positive information, ideas or events, we create an EAUPENING in our own consciousness to create more of the same. The EAUPENING is a free MOVEMENT to invoke acts of kindness throughout the WORLD and to create PEACE on EARTH.
EAUPENING (Opening)…the place to highlight all things GOOD and POSITIVE in our lives and in the world. We are firm believers that where attention goes, energy flows. As a world, our media is mainly placing our attention on fear and negativity it is time to change our focus. Our intent is to highlight all things POSITIVE and invite others to do the same! So please feel free to add your positive content suggestions for books, movies, classes, news and/or events etc… The Law of Attraction suggests that like attracts like. We want to attract all of the Positive things in the world to our group so with your help, we can do that.

Imagine if you will that we are currently looking at the world through a scope. Unless we have had the opportunity to travel the globe and experience new cultures and understanding, most enlightenment has been in the blind spot of our life experience. This group is a way to create the EAUPENING for all things POSSIBLE and POSSITIVE in the world to flow into. We require your assistance to expand our world view, when we change our thinking; we change our world…so please join us in creating PEACE on EARTH!

We would love your help to start gathering all things of a Positive nature. Please Post away....
Most Humbly,
CEO & President of The Eaupening
Co-Creator of Stock Harmony

“Within the Giving,” I Received…

I started out my day today by reading the following quote by Wayne Dryer : “It is within giving, we receive. "

So, I carried on with my day as per usual. Went to the gym, had lunch and attended my Son’s Basketball tournament where his team won by over 45 points in each of their three games. (A wonderful example of what Teamwork looks like.)

When I got home, I was feeling great so I quickly added to the Power Thoughts application I had made on Facebook. As I was matching the affirmation and the picture, my inbox popup thing came up with a note from a Mentor of mine…Andy Andrews.

He had sent a story he had written regarding the reason why 20 years before he totally transformed himself by making the simple decision, to be a person that people liked and wanted to be around rather than someone that they spoke negatively about. Similar to all of the things that I have read from Mr. Andrews, I enjoyed his note and wanted to share it… so I posted it on my wall on Facebook. It was a simple act of sharing and paying it forward. It was easy and most of all, I expected nothing from my action.

When I first stumbled across Andy Andrews, I was at a hotel in Vancouver unable to sleep at 3:00 one morning. So I thought I would see what was on TV, (I figured that I would give my hands a little rest from all of the typing that I had done up to that point.) After clicking over the “hotel” channel, the first person that I saw, was Andy Andrews. He was speaking about PEACE and Positivity…it was almost as though he was speaking directly to me… so I listened. When he was done, I went to YouTube and watched as many videos as were posted about him. I than added my name to his email list so that I could be kept up to date as to where on earth I could see him in person.

Today is where the magic finally happened. After I posted his note with a link to his site and his picture, I sent him a quick tweet…to let him know that I had shared his story with about 4000 of my closest FB friends. Moments later, I went to my facebook page and guess what was waiting there for me… Andy..and a friend request from him. What an honor for me.

Step one..CONTACT.
Step two… learning all that I can from him though his sharing.
Step three… Thanking him in person. (one day soon, our traveling paths will cross)

So, “Within the giving,” I received…

Most Humbly,
Marcia Johnson


You can learn more about Andy Andrews and all of his amazing books @

Stand for Peace


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