Friday, September 10, 2010

Sharing Peace Through Technology

This year on Peace Day (September 21st) People all over the world will be able to STAND for Peace like never before. Thanks to the new technology of Microsoft Tags people with 3G cell phones will be able to receive their Free Peace Certificate by using this cool new application.

Once the app is installed people will be able to take a picture of any of the Tags on this page to be directed to the Peace In OUR Lifetime website where they can enter their name and country and receive their very own Peace Certificate. Once redirected to the site.. click on "Add Your Voice."
From there the Peace Certificate can be used anywhere: including as a profile picture, print it on a t-shirt, share it on websites, print it on a mug, make a poster of it and share it anywhere.

Having a Peace Certificate shows that YOU have made a conscious choice to Stand in PEACE & Gratitude for the Peace that is created every day.

Once the Certificate has been given, people will then have the option of "Taking Action" for Peace. All of the outstanding Peace Partners that are STANDING with Peace In OUR Lifetime will be featured on the website where people can do anything from Sign a Peace Treaty, Watch
Videos, Attend Live Events, Join in the Peace Prayer and much much more.

Every year on Peace Day the world lay down their weapons to celebrate together. Lives are saved, food & medication is delivered to places that normally can not be accessed.

Peace In OUR Lifetime brings together organizations to stand as One Voice for Peace ... freely and uniquely in their own way. We are inviting people to create a Peace Gratitude video to show appreciation for the difference that people are making everyday. Please check out Gratitude Video 's for more information.
Wishing YOU a Wonderful Peace Day... let's work together to create Peace every day..

Marcia & Lynne
co-creators of Peace In OUR Lifetime

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