Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let Go of Yesterday!

“When we carry yesterday’s thoughts into today, we are programming tomorrow to become just like today.” Marianne Williamson

The present or the “Now” is our point of power. By thinking about the past in the present we allow the future to be the same as our past. However…we do have the ability to create a miracle in the present which will open up our present to endless possibilities. We have the ability to stop thinking yesterday’s thoughts which therefore re-programs our future. When we dwell on our “story” or the circumstances that we are experience we allow more of the same thoughts, feelings and actions to recreate themselves over and over again until we decide to change the pattern that we have formed.

Here is a little test that you can try…for a minute simply stop everything… just think nothing and then come back.




During that time of reflection what were you thinking? I know that I said to think nothing..but you were thinking..probably something like…”ok think nothing,” “How do I think nothing,” “nothing” “Nothing..hummm oh crap I have to switch the laundry,””this is dumb,” “ I forgot to do something at the office,” or “I need to make a phone call when I am done reading this,” “I am getting fat,” “Why am I doing this?”

Ok, so after thinking nothing… who was in your head ? Who was the one there observing the nothing thoughts that you were thinking? Who was the one that you were talking to? …
Right, it was YOU. You are the constant in all that you think, you are always the observer to your thoughts and your inner monolog. Thoughts are always there…so I ask? How many of the millions of thoughts that you have every single day are positive? Why do we hold onto core beliefs about ourselves that are negative and self destructive? These beliefs become our subconscious inner chatter… those thoughts came from something that we once heard either said about us or to someone else and then we adopted them for ourselves… those thoughts clip our wings and keep us small.

(Read this next paragraph as though..you are the author..) When I keep grasping onto the past, I remain in the same lesson and thoughts …and it feels as though nothing ever changes. To simplify things in my mind..since I am the keeper of my own thoughts..I have decided to take the position that everything happens from either a place of Love..or a place of fear. By asking myself what the lesson is for me, I allow myself the opportunity to learn the lesson and move on instead of being blindly stuck in the same lesson over and over again. Since the more times the lesson comes into my life, the more pain it creates. When I ignore the simple whispers of the lesson..it comes back to me bigger and louder until I take on the lesson.

The one constant that follows me into every relationship..is me. Therefore if I have the same type of relationship over and over..and sometimes over again… this leads me to believe that I am the reason. (notice..I never said ..”I am the one to blame,” ) I obviously have something to learn here..therefore it is up to me to “get it,” or… I will have the same lesson re-gifted to me over and over. The package may be different and the wrapping a little brighter…but once I open it up…hopefully this time…I can see the same lesson with fresh eyes; the eyes of perspective and the ability to see the same old thing in a different light.

Knowing that I am the director on the stage of my life …gives me the power, the power to choose, the power to decide the person that I will be..in the moment of NOW.

What do you think?

Most Humbly,


“Hope for the future…gives you Power in the Present.” Beyond the Secret

Stand for Peace


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