Monday, May 3, 2010

More Lessons From the Source

I AM one of Lessons From the Source's Biggest fans... "For the first time in more than three decades, Jack Armstrong is sharing some of the other spiritual teachings he has received and transcribed over the years that were not included in his book, Lessons from the Source. Before publishing Lessons from the Source, Jack was concerned about what others might think, and he kept all of the writings completely to himself and showed them to no one else ― even his family.

But the response to the book has been so powerful that he has decided to begin sharing more of the teachings ― and you can be among the first to read them. His new free e-book, MORE Lessons from the Source: Practical Wisdom for Enjoying Life’s Journey, is being made available exclusively to those who sign up to receive Jack’s free monthly e-mail newsletter, Sharing the Journey. Like the writings in the book, those in More Lessons from the Source presents profound, yet clear and easy-to-understand spiritual wisdom that speaks directly to the soul, offering guidance and helpful perspectives on how to let go, trust in the Universe, and allow our good to unfold perfectly.

Two of the lessons focus specifically on creativity and peace in our lives. To sign up for Jack’s newsletter, Sharing the Journey, and receive a free copy of his new e-book, MORE Lessons from the Source: Practical Wisdom for Enjoying Life’s Journey...." click
Happy Monday my Friends!!!!
Humbly Yours,

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