Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beyond the Secret Review..

“Become the person that in your heart of hearts you know that you were meant to be….”BTS Quote

“Study your beliefs because your beliefs will dictate your behaviors.” BTS Quote

So I ask you what do YOU believe?
About Yourself.
About Money.
About the Economy.
About the world.
About Peace in your lifetime.

I have heard it said many times that the Law of Attraction is all about , “what can I GET..” The way that I look at it is… What can I do with it! By learning how to apply it… you can also apply it to the collective consciousness. I love the advice that you receive just before takeoff on an airplane… that is put the oxygen on yourself first, before helping everyone else that we are traveling with.

You know how that applies to your daily life is… If you don’t take the time to take care of yourself… you lose pieces of yourself and then can’t fully bring yourself to the acts of service that you are working on. However if you make a commitment to yourself to become a lifelong learner, continually growing your perspective & beliefs you can develop your awareness.

Follow your purpose. If you want to change the world…start with yourself. Change begins with YOU. You are the director of your own life and YOU can live life by design…instead of Default. You can raise your quality of thinking… by learning, reading and seeking the wisdom of people who are where you would like to be in your life. Beyond the Secret has some great advice and practical wisdom that YOU can apply in your life. It will provide you with the tools and action steps that will help YOU bring your dreams into fruition.

“You are not most people..” BTS quote. YOU can overcome any obstacle.
~~~~~I believe in YOU! ~~~~
Most Humbly,

***If you don’t have the movie yet, Beyond the Secret is available on DVD at

Plus… as an added bonus, Holli is sharing Free: BEYOND THE SECRET footage from the dramatic Q&A inside the theater after the LA movie premiere!! Click here:

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