Sunday, May 8, 2011

Social Media as a Natural Living System

I was asked to Define Social Media as an organic natural living system. I think that the very best comparison that can be made is to liken it to Trees.... even though there may be some other characteristics that need to be added, I think that the following trees are the most like the Social Networks below... what are your thoughts?

Linked in is an Orchard... even though there may be seasonal fruit, for the most part it falls to the ground and disappears in its environment.
 Twitter is like a Shrub .... little twigs can spring up anywhere. However the issue is most people don't notice them.

Facebook is a Larch tree.... (Christmas Tree) you can decorate your own tree, add bling and when you get it exactly where you want it, the system drops its needles and it changes! It is the coniferous tree that transforms with change of attitudes of its creator!
 YouTube is an Oak Tree... it can be planted alone or in clusters. It is mighty on its own and will withstand the tests of time and transformation of its environment.

This tree has a very strong core... bears fruit, transforms with the seasons, works with its environment to adapt to change. Has a very strong root system from the bottom up... but is most unique because of its ability to let roots plant in from the top down as well. The top down growth allows the core to grow at an amazing rate, strengthening the main system, working together even though the individual top down roots start off alone, they combine with other roots (members) in collaboration to achieve their collective goals faster and more securely.
Collectively Creation. Even though our branches may go out in a different direction... we are all a part of the same system. Working together to help us all grow stronger as a team. The reason why people will invest in UnitingCreatives is because of the strength of the team that we have in place rather than the limbs of the individual. (We really need to keep that in mind when we are coming up with our UC information.) is a technology platform that will allow businesses to shift   into the new business paradigm that is sustainable, less expensive and more Profitable.
“Putting Technology to Work for YOU!”

Uniting Creatives is integrating the best functions from each platform to increase productivity while saving time and money for our members.
You are invited to Join UnitingCreatives and see the beginning of the Best of the Best Intentional Social Media!  Together WE can Make a difference!  To take a look at the Future of Social Media!

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