Monday, March 16, 2009

Infinite Side of Possibilities

My very best thinking has gotten me to where I am today… let that line sink in for a moment, think about it and toss it around in your brain. My very best thinking has gotten me to where I am today. That line is the very reason why I am a LIFE Long Learner.

I am not condemning all that I have accomplished up to this point, or judging who I am. I am defining myself worth to be that of a person who strives to do better than I have done before. To learn from all sides of my experiences and to challenge myself to reach higher. I am an apprentice of lifelong working towards an existence of self mastery.

A great mentor of mine told me once that until you have put 10,000 hours into something…it truly has yet to become the best that it can be. Once you have dedicated 10,001 hours into something… than you are considered good at your craft… So as a student in human form, I am following my intuition step by step to build my faith and self awareness.

The Teacher always shows up...once I decided to adjust my perspective, everything changed. I now look at everyone as a Teacher with something most valuable to teach me. It is my job to figure out what the learning is for me. This shift in thinking has allowed me to stop judging others and opened up the doorway to LOVE them. When I stood in judgment of others in the past, I did not define them, I defined myself as someone who felt exalted over others…and how could that have been true, since we are all one…and in that oneness, we are all equal.

In allowing myself to join the infinite side of possibilities, I have the perspective of immeasurable abundance. Through these eyes, I see Solutions; I become a solution provider and permit myself to no longer be a part of the “predicament”. This is why I am actively moving towards not only learning more but also applying the new teaching into my life.

It is amazing to me to witness how hearing something at just the right moment, helps it to stick in my thoughts and show up as actions. Even though I may have been shown the same lesson over and over, it is when I am awake to the possibilities of the lesson that I can learn from it.
So here’s to the over 10,000 hours of self mastery, self love, and self acceptance… within that lesson not only do I teach others how to treat me… but I learn how to divinely treat them as well.

Most Humbly.

Marcia Johnson

Stand for Peace


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