Friday, July 31, 2009

Inspiration For YOU!

"One person can make a difference, every person should try!" JFK

You can make a difference, Every action that YOU take, Every decision that YOU make, EVERYTHING that YOU do Matters... YOU Can Do IT! Even the simplest acts can change a life, the smallest kindness can save a life, my friends, I encourage YOU to make a difference Every Day. I Believe in YOU, I love YOU even if YOU are not where YOU want to be...or who YOU want to be, YOU do have the Power to BE it NOW.

My Grandfather always said,
"NO matter WHO YOU are,
No Matter WHAT YOU are,
YOU must start WHERE YOU are!"

My Dear Friends, I encourage YOU to start. Share YOUR light in the world, we all need YOU.

Today I am sharing with YOU two AMAZING people Nick Vujicic is the first.

Nick travels extensively to over 19 nations inspiring as he goes. Click to View:

and Patrich Henery Huges. I have had the honor of meeting Patrick as well as spending an hour with him on my radio show. I love this young man.. he is a humble Giant, he is a full time collage student, musician and incredible diving being..!

Click to View:

Have a wonderful weekend my friends... and Thank YOU very much for BEing here with me.
Remove YOUR Limits! YOU CAN do it?
Humbly Yours,


To find out more about about Nick check out :
and for more information about Patrick please go to:

Stand for Peace


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