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Facebook 101..The New Face of Facebook!

Facebook 101 The New Face of Facebook!
During a phone conversation with a friend of mine that I have not spoken to for a long time, he lovingly said that I was the worst “Spammer” on his friend list. I was in shock thinking.. I have not sent out messages to my groups for a long time..and really keep ‘invites’ to a minimum. Then I realized what he was speaking about..and had to laugh!

He was referring to the Facebook news feed. Since facebook automatically gathers information from wall posts that friends make, he thought it was me sending messages to him! Since he is a computer ‘geek’ and he never knew what was happening, I could not help but wonder how many other people in my facebook family were of the same thinking… so I am here to offer a little help!
My perspective of facebook is through the eyes of someone who has about 5000 friends.. so in the regular news feed, I hardly see the same person twice in one day. Also, I have so many people “tagging” me in notes, I just don’t have time to read them all.(sorry)

So, if you don’t know what you don’t know, you can’t do anything to fix (help, change) your facebook experience! If you are interested, I am going to put together some training videos to help visually show you what I am about to explain…let me know if that will help you!

Let’s start with the News Feed:
Facebook enables you to see what’s happening with your friends through news feeds.
The News feed is found on your “Home” wall! It is a list of your friends, pages & now group wall postings. YOU can adjust who you see in your feeds… There are a couple of options
News Feed and Live Feed (let’s you view the feed the moment people post.) News feed gathers the most interesting things your friends are posting..(based on ‘Likes’) and the live feed gives a real time update of all feeds.
You can adjust the content that appears on your home page by adjusting the settings on the left hand side of your screen. Adjusting your setting helps you change the face of your facebook! It will help you adjust your perspective to a different view.

Tagging: When someone Tags you in a note or a picture it doesn’t always mean that YOU are in the story or the picture... people do that as a way of quickly sharing the content with YOU. It means that “this” is something that I think you would be interested in either seeing or reading.

@ replies... now you can tag your friends by adding their name to a status update or send them a quick shout out to thank them for posting something that you are going to share! Give it a try, it is a great new feature. Write @Marcia Johnson (or anyone) to see what I mean... then not only will the link show up on your wall... but it will show up on theirs as well.

Lists: In order to quickly see what your personal friends or family are up to...create a List. On your friends page (link is on the top of your screen) You have the option to create lists... name them whatever you want, that way not only can you quickly invite people to join a group or page, but you also now have the option of viewing that group news feed on your home page.... the option is on the left hand side of home page once groups are created.

Groups vs Pages: I am a fan of both, now that FB has changed groups to resemble pages... so far the only difference that I can see is the special features and statistics that pages offer. With these new changes, groups that have over 5000 members can still be in contact with their members as well as have their content appear in member newsfeeds.

Like: When you click on the little Like button under a post... it helps promote the post onto more and more newsfeeds, so if you really do like a post, please click like to show your support!

Email Updates: I highly suggest adjusting these, or you will become flooded with FB stuff! You can the types of information that you receive in your email inbox by clicking on the settings feature (top right of FB screen) There you will find three main options.. Account Settings, Privacy Settings, and Application Settings. From there you have there a merit of options. Do take a look, turn off the ones that you find annoying, so that you facebook experience turns out to be a pleasant one!

I want YOU to know that I am honored to correspond with YOU, and I am very grateful for Facebook because I have been able to connect with people from all over the globe, which has allowed me to adjust my perspective for the better. Thank YOU for being my inspiration!

If you find information about social networking that you feel would be of interest to others, please feel free to share it in the following group! How To: Your Guide to Social Networking & Social Media! (If you find this group helpful... I would be very grateful if you were to invite your friends & this group is powered by US together!)

If you have more questions..feel free to ask me, and or visit the facebook help centre I really do want your facebook experience to be a positive one .. so, with a couple of tweaks, you have the opportunity to create it that way!
Humbly Yours,

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P.S. I am about to hit the Facebook Friend Limit of 5000 friends. It would be great to connect & learn more about YOU so I invite you link with me here: on my facebook page. I have created about 30 groups, pages & applications so I have a lot to share with you, I will do my very best to Inspire and Motivate YOU to live your full potential. Thank YOU... Feel free to share with me, more about YOU! I will respond…

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