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Martin Luther King..I Gotta Dream

Monday is the day that the United States come together every year to celebrate and reflect on the Legacy that one man created when he decided to step through the F.E.A.R. of the unknown to create a future that would benefit every human being. Martin Luther King Jr.(January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968) was arrested, his home was bombed, he was subjected to personal abuse, but at the same time he emerged as a Leader like no other.

“King traveled over six million miles and spoke over twenty-five hundred times, appearing wherever there was injustice, protest, and action; and meanwhile he wrote five books as well as numerous articles. In these years, he led a massive protest in Birmingham, Alabama, that caught the attention of the entire world, providing what he called a coalition of conscience. and inspiring his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail", a manifesto of the Negro revolution; he planned the drives in Alabama for the registration of Negroes as voters; he directed the peaceful march on Washington, D.C., of 250,000 people to whom he delivered his address, "l Have a Dream", he conferred with President John F. Kennedy and campaigned for President Lyndon B. Johnson; he was arrested upwards of twenty times and assaulted at least four times; he was awarded five honorary degrees; was named Man of the Year by Time magazine in 1963.”

Dr. King inspired people to become more than what they were. He painted a picture of what was possible and lead us all in the direction that would make it possible to turn his dream into a reality. I know that we are not 100% there yet, but reflecting back on his wisdom, strength and courage can inspire the world to stand united for Peace. We can work together to create solutions for all injustices and build upon the Dream that Martin Luther King had for our future.
When I was asked by my good friend Deremiah to create a video that would help us all celebrate the life and heritage of the amazing Martin Luther King, I was both honored and taken back by all of the trials that Dr. King had to endure. If I was in his shoes, would I have been able to withstand all that he had to endure? Could YOU?

He was 39 years old when he was assonated, his life was full…and he lived it so that WE all could enjoy the Rights, Freedoms and PRIVLEDGE of Standing Together in Peace.

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In CELEBRATION of MLK Birthday Deremiah has released a soulful uptempo song which gives praise to the celebration of Dr. King's Dream. But the truth is we all have a Dream and that Dream looks different for all of us. MLK clearly helps us to recognize what that dream may look like across racial, cultural and religious lines. Deremiah's dream is to see War Cease and PEACE reset a new stage for world change. Sooo celebrate with us today as we usher in this US Holiday featuring Deremiah's debut song called I Gotta Dream. If you haven't heard it you've got to imagine the JOY of seeing the world at peace instead of war. Keep smiling and expecting your dream to come to pass because you gotta dream. Thanks for all you do in love.

***Peace is Possible watch for the picture of the children Hugging these children attend the Peace Preschool at the Jerusalem International YMCA where they continue to bring together 120 children Christians, Jews and Muslims, religious and secular, from home and abroad - in an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence.*****

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Thank YOU Martin Luther King for having the courage to STAND for Peace!
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On Behalf of Deremaih, Adena (from Peace Preschool), Lynne (Peace IN OUR Lifetime) and myself I wish YOU a day of Celebrating the Legacy of this outstanding man. Together…WE create the DREAM.
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