Monday, March 22, 2010

Why are WE here?

The Great Conversation ... the on going discussion between the Intelligencia and the world class have about "What is Life.."

So... What is life and why are we here? My thoughts about this run deep but simply put.... Our lives are made up of cycles of learning… our purpose of life is to Learn…and to learn to recognize the cycles and patterns that roadblock our JOY and Happiness. As an added bonus to our friendship, I AM here to hold the vision of you that I know that you can become…that you are! I see you standing tall and proud as we reflect on the journeys that we have taken to get to where we are.

YOU are the leader of your own life... the Captain of your own ship and the Director of your own production. The has been a silent awakening of the human race that is taken place for many years but is now becoming main stream and becoming the foreground of many conversations. Movies are being released with the main theme all about connectivity and how everything that we matters... our actions creating a ripple effect that touches people we see and those that we do not.

Groups around the globe are forming with like minded thinkers meditation on creating solutions and then taking action to create change. People are standing united in Peace, Love and Unity even in war zones. Humanity is shifting to one that thinks about the end results rather than simply acting without thinking. Even corporations are engaging in conversations on how they may join in this "Global Evolution."

Every day I have the opportunity to speak to people from around the planet about this amazing phenomenon. Even though you may not currently have this perspective in your focus... I promise you, people around the world are making a difference. People are helping each other, giving freely and building others up!

Through these simple acts of kindness, people are being inspired to elevate others rather than tear people apart. One such amazing earth angel is my great friend Lynne Hazelden. She is my partner in Peace from the UK... even though we have yet to meet face to face, she inspires me with her unlimited courage to make a real difference in shining a light on Peace. The real Peace that we do currently have in the world. For over 20 years she has dedicated her life to highlighting others efforts for Peace on Earth. What most people don't realize is that she has turned her dream into reality despite having a debilitating disease, no job and even less than limited resources. Without asking anything in return, Peace In OUR Lifetime gives YOU a Free Peace Certificate when YOU decide to consciously Stand for Peace. Http:// Lynne has every reason in the world to be bitter, mad and ticked off with her lot in life, from once being on the BIG Screen to living a life of limited financial resources, she chooses to let her divine spirit shine! If you have not done so yet, take a moment to watch her on Peace Day...

I ask YOU, what is holding you back? Recently on Planting Seeds for Peace Radio, I was honored to interview Paul Harris. Paul was burnt on over 85% of his body with third degree burns ... but even with that, he is most grateful to be alive. He is another Earth Angel, here to inspire us to embrace our greatness.

So, what is OUR Human Potential? Why are we really here? If we are here on earth to discover our joy, why can we not also make a real effort to highlight all of the good within all of us ... because we do have it! Together WE can make a difference. Lets Celebrate the good that we do have and create solutions from there!

I Love YOU!
Humbly Yours,

Stand for Peace


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