Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eagle School

I had the pleasure of watching a short little video called, “You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School.” Basically the concept is that some people are not the right fit for the task that you need accomplished. Well that was the lesson of the day for me. This concept really hit home when my sixteen year old said to my husband, “Can you pick up some Milk when you are at work tomorrow?” (He and I own an electrical company that operates at five of the local coal mines where we live.)

Without missing a beat, my husband said, “There are no cows at the mine and the last time I checked you don’t get milk from coal.” He took things over the top by adding, “I could ask Doreen from purchasing to write me a P.O. so we can order some in.”

After I almost hurt myself because I was laughing soo hard, the concept really began to sink in. How many times in life have I gone to someone to get answers and they were not the person that was the right fit for the question? How often had I been looking for the help in the wrong place or advice from someone who had no business giving it? Or how often had I tried to get someone to be who they are not? Or do something that they did not want to do?

I am sure the answers to those questions would be staggering … so it is just best to learn from the experience (s). There are many times when I have found myself asking a loved one how to do something or discussion a problem with a friend when really it would have saved time and stress to go to the person with experience or find a qualified person to answer my question. Life is so much simpler when we have the right person for the job, no matter what the job or question is. I guess that is why the saying, “You can’t put a square peg into a round hole,” is so popular… when I have a task that requires a round peg… I just need to get a round peg and stop playing around with the square one.

Finding the Right solution to an issue requires the correct tools for the job, or the right people to create the solution. Hanging around with people that are not equipped to create the solutions is simply a waste of time. So from now on, I will be looking for Eagles instead of herding ducks. If nothing that I have written so far makes sense to you… watch this 4 minute movie and it will all come together… I am off to the store to get some milk! J

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