Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Serving Together with Deremiah *CPE

Deremiah *CPE is one of my most favorite people! It was an honor to have him join me again on the radio today. He shares his loving perspective on how SERVICE can dramatically change your Success level in your business and in all areas of your life.

No matter what your Title, you are in Business to SERVE! If you are the CEO or work in the Mail room we need to serve. Our mindset creates the opportunity to be apart of the Cycle of Resoprosity. We bring more to the table than what people expected by leading by example.

The simple wisdom that he shared on today's show will inspire and motivate you to BE better, DO better and to Create TOGETHER. His passion will rub of and elevate you to look at life like he does... "As an Opportunity to LIVE! Live like nothing else matters, be fearless, be LOVE & be of Service!" When we Live our lives like the Gift that it is, the universe offers up abundance that will show up far greater than you could have ever asked for.

Deremiah *CPE is a Customer Passion Evangelist who under promises and Over Delivers! When I asked him if he was planning on writing a book or creating a CD learning program, he responded back by saying that for our listeners, he would be like no other Guru. He would create a custom and unique recording that will help elevate YOU. It is his desire to see YOU be the most successful that you can become, therefore he would not even charge you until YOU see results in your life! He will work Together with YOU , but you need to do your part and apply the wisdom in order to create the Success that you want to see!

Remember that "People do business with you.... because of YOU... people like you!" Why not be the Best YOU that you can be?

You can email him at to share with him what it is that you need.

Listen to the show to see what I mean!
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Wishing YOU a Fantastic Day!

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