Thursday, March 3, 2011

Impact ... Everything that YOU do makes a differance!

What have you done to make an impact today? Did you let the people around you know that you love and appreciate them? Today you can make the conscious choice to shine your light a little brighter, smile and choose to be positive.

Tell your kids that you think they are great, let your Boss know that you are grateful for your job. (If you are not, start looking for one that you can be passionate about and excited to get out of bed to get to each morning.)

If this was your last day on earth, who would you want to talk to and what would you want them to always remember when they think about you? Why not share that with them now?

What can you do today that lightens the load of another person? What can you do to lend a hand or help out? It is a wonderful feeling to know that today, I made a difference. I listened to a friend when they needed to be heard. Or that I shared a story or experience that helped someone not feel so alone.

I want to remind you encase you may have forgotten, You are Amazing! You will never know the real impact that your ripple effect can make on another person’s life. Big or little, make an effort... You may even save a life by simply looking into someone in the eyes... Because they feel seen! It may seem too easy but I know it to be true!

Over the years, I have shared my heart, my life, my bloopers, my experiences, and my love with people around the globe... And more often than not, I receive tear stained emails, expressing their gratitude for Being here for them, for the motivation + encouragement that I continue to share. Not all of the stories or thoughts will be "one size fits all." However, the simple act of sharing... Can be exactly what the reader or viewer needed at exactly that moment.

So, don't be scared... Pay it forward and make someone else's day by expressing your gratitude for them and who they are in your life.

Remember that Every action that you take, every decision that you make, Everything that you do matters. You matter! You are only on this earth for a limited number of days; don't let another one pass you by without making the conscious decision to express your gratitude... Everyday.

I Love YOU!




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P.S. I wrote this on my flight home on my Blackberry ... a lot of two finger typing... but YOU are worth it!

Stand for Peace


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