Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank YOU Serendipity

Thank YOU Serendipity…..

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank YOU.
I know that everything happens for a reason and at the time that you are going through it, something’s really are NOT great however when you give yourself some perspective, everything makes a lot more sense.

The little things like forgetting something when you get out to the car and having to run back inside the house, thus resulting you not being there right when a semi collides with the person in front of you instead of you or when you are in the right place at the wrong time, the events in the day seem to slowly shift your course. All of the incidents that happened today played out thankfully in a way that no one got hurt.

For some reason, we only had Kyrsten in our truck when we headed to the lake.  The other kids rode with Grandma & Grandpa.  On our way we stopped for fuel and so we were a little behind the convoy to the beach. The other couple vehicles had taken another road to explore a park that we had never been, which is why we ended up getting there before the rest of the family.  I hopped out to look at the beautiful water and see how long it would be before the boat launch would be available.

As I was walking I noticed two Hispanic gentlemen sitting in their blue SUV watching traffic as they passed each other their crack pipe. I never gave it a second thought as I made my way down to the dock.  While I waiting for my father in law to pull up, I was surprised to see my husband pull up on the hill above me, he yelled out that someone had just stolen my purse out of the truck, and he sped off!

The rest of the family pulled up and everyone jumped into action.  Maxine called the police; Wayne leapt on the radio and got the rest of the story from Brad.  Apparently Brad had gotten out of the truck and walked about 100 yards from the truck awaiting everyone’s arrival. As Kyrsten sat in the truck watching the rest of the movie, the SUV that I had seen earlier pulled up beside the truck.  The passenger in a red stripped shirt hopped out and opened up the door on the passenger side of the truck.  Kyrsten yelled at him because she was shocked and scared to see this tan man with shaved head in our truck.  Thankfully the Angels were watching her because he took my purse and left her alone.  Kyrsten watched them drive away and ran out and told her dad.

Thankfully the Police were there in about 5 minutes as well as a couple of people that had herd our chatter on the CB Radio.  The police took my statement in-between my Credit card cancelling conversations.  The interesting part is later learning that because of my purse containing one of the kids’ passports …. This little purse napping has just turned to a Felony.

The moments that built this day, added up to tears, hours of phone calls, no boat ride, maybe $1000.00 to replace my phone, birth certificates, licence, passport, etc.  It could have played out so much worse, so I am Thankful that it happened the way that it did. No one was Hurt!

I am sorry that these men needed the money in my purse more than I did.  I send them love and my gratitude that they never hurt the one thing that I cannot replace with phone calls…. My Brave Precious little Angel; Kyrsten.


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