Wednesday, June 27, 2012

World Peace & Other 4th Grade Achievements

If fourth graders can figure it out, why can't the rest of us? This video really does give a new meaning to "Are You Smarter than a Fourth Grader..."

World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements

John stands as a shining example of what a dedicated teacher can accomplish. Focused on equipping his students with the skills they’ll need in order to face the problems and uncertainties of the real world, he has developed a unique learning program he calls The World Peace Game.The Foundation seeks to foster the concept of peace not as a utopian dream but as an attainable goal to strive for, and to stimulate the creative development of tools for this effort. It supports development of collaboration and communication skills for resolving and transforming conflicts, and the development of the skills of compromise, all while accommodating different perspectives and interests.
             For more information about the World Peace Game, please click link above. 

So, what is in the way of World Peace? 
What does it mean to YOU?

Do YOU believe that WE will have Peace In OUR Lifetime? 
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Marcia & Lynne 

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