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Never before have I recommended a television show on my blog, so here is a first! The show Touch is by far one of the best shows that I have seen in a long time. Emmy and Golden Globe winner Kiefer Sutherland is the father of a boy who was born with a brilliant ability to see the world through numbers and sacred geometry. The writers have found a way to show how butterfly effects weave a path through the characters in the show. Every action or inaction makes a difference in the way that the life path of the characters learn and grow. The plot of each show helps the viewer to understand how the Echo's of others actions impact on our own lives. You can watch the complete first season on Netflix right now. Or if you live in the USA you can watch it here:

The Great Awakening is currently taking place all across the world. It is simply a calling to remember who you are and who YOU are meant to become. It is the opportunity to ask yourself where your Beliefs came from, to stop listening to FEAR propaganda and to become a self directed person rather than someone who simply follows the crowd because everyone else is doing it. Now is the time to decide Who you are, What YOU want to accomplish and how YOU can make the world a better place! YOU can make a real difference, every action you take, every decision YOU make... Everything that YOU do Matters! YOU Matter. When you see 11:11, sequences of numbers, or other other special numbers (to YOU) it is your Angels trying to get your attention. Take notice of when you see the numbers, what you are doing at the moment, if they mean or meant anything to people you love. It is a sign that are right where you are suppose to be as well as a sign to be mindful of the present moment.

I believe that television shows & movies are helping aid this awakening. "New Thinking" is being shared in a medium that is reachable to everyone on earth. These movies and shows help to undo some of the limiting beliefs that have stuck us in a holding pattern for so long. When we share with others we create an Eaupening in our consciousness that helps us grow in understanding of others perception of things and events.

Eaupening (opening)

EAU = [Oh] French for WATER

Nothing in the world is softer and weaker than water. But for attacking the hard, the yielding, nothing can surpass it. There is nothing like it. The weak overcomes the strong; the soft surpasses the hard. (Tao Te Ching )

Water flows into, around and through. It is the makeup of 70% of our own bodies and our planet. Water is patient, soft and powerful. It can be clear, cleansing and refreshing. Water is source.

Pening= an invitation to the world to become authors /contributors of all things Positive.

When we place our focus on Positive information, ideas or events, we create an EAUPENING in our own consciousness to create more of the same. The EAUPENING is a free MOVEMENT to invoke acts of kindness throughout the WORLD and to create PEACE on EARTH.

I believe that this show, is one step in the Eaupening & enlightening of humanity...  the trailer is below. ... Remember that WE are all connected and that everything that you do Matters! YOU Matter!

Marcia Johnson on Twitter
"Blending science, spirituality and emotion, the series follows seemingly unrelated people from across the world, all of whose lives impact each other in ways seen and unseen, known and unknown. At the center of the story is MARTIN BOHM (Sutherland), a widower and single father who struggles to communicate and connect with his emotionally challenged 12-year-old son, JAKE (David Mazouz). Determined, thoughtful and caring, Martin continues to try anything – and everything – to reach his son. But Jake still hasn’t spoken.

Season One unfolded with Martin realizing that Jake possessed an extraordinary gift – the ability to perceive the seemingly hidden patterns that connect every life on the planet. It was up to Martin to decipher these numbers and put the pieces together in order to help people all over the world whose lives touched one another – whether they knew it or not. 

In Season Two, the action shifts dramatically from New York to Los Angeles, where Martin and Jake find themselves at the center of a global conspiracy involving a mother in search of her missing teenage daughter; a mathematical genius; and a religious zealot assassinating others with abilities like Jake’s. Joining the cast this season are Maria Bello (“ER”), Lukas Haas (“24”), Said Taghmaoui (“G.I. Joe: The Rise of The Cobra”) and newcomer Saxon Sharbino.

Last season’s unprecedented global launch of TOUCH in more than 100 countries was a tremendous success. Internationally, the series ranked No. 1 or No. 2 in its time period throughout the season and increased foreign channels’ primetime average by double or triple digit percentage points. TOUCH is the first U.S. broadcast series to immediately establish such a notable global audience."

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