Monday, June 16, 2014

Teachers Are My Hero's

The last time our teachers had to strike, my oldest son was in grade 12. As a parent, I was pissed off that my son's future was used as leverage in negotiations. It was very frustrating and depressing that my children were exploited as pawns. I know that some people may say that because my children now go to an independent school, I don't have the right to comment. However, I believe that the years I spent as the Chair of School Council, Chair of District School Council and on the provincial Home & School Council afford me some leverage in this conversation.

This experience helped me become an advocate for Teachers and their struggle of making a difference every single day. It is hard enough working with students who do not show respect but then add on parents who always say, "My kid would never do that," as they yell accusing the teacher of miss judging their child. It is a demanding enough job, engaging every single day with students let alone the expectations parents place on Teachers, they should not have to combat the government as well!

I am ashamed that the great Leaders and Influences of our next generations decision makers have to be so degraded and drug through the coals by taking a stand that will ultimately benefit all of the students in our province. Having to march wearing strike signs is such a sad way to have to share their side of a one sided conversation (one sided; because the other side is not listening). We live in the age of communication, we can text in an instant, send emails in a moment and blog on the spot... closing doors and ignoring negotiations is no way to come up with solutions. If this is how teachers are treated by our leaders of today, why would any student ever think about becoming a teacher in the future??? 

If this is the example that our political leaders are mentoring, not only will many of our great teachers of today fade away from this noble profession but it will detour our Teachers of tomorrow!  Our Children require amazing and passionate Teachers, not ones whose will to teach has been battered and bruised by lack of respect from our law makers... our government must set a better example of respect & decency,  if our BC politicians treat them this way, why would our students treat them any better? The Teachers molding our youth deserve so much better, every day... they are my Hero's!!! 

Our world's Teachers need to be celebrated and appreciated.
Time for Peace in our Teaching profession, our Students deserve Teachers who are Happy and LOVE their jobs!
Co-Founder of Peace in OUR Lifetime
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Marcia Johnson co-owner of Apex Power Automation also the co-founder of Peace in OUR Lifetime, in conjunction with Peace Day TV have celebrated Peace day over the past 7 years by hosting a Global Party for Peace where we give thanks for all of the people who make a difference in the world and our lives. These music events, parties & assemblies are web-streamed on over 1000 websites including the United Nations website. As for locations, there are so many, here are ones that have LIVE portions on our broadcasts: UK, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, India, Spain, Benin, Israel, Afghanistan, Ghana, England, Brazil, New York (U.N. HQ), Canada, Ecuador and locations in the U.S. include Hawaii, Los Angeles, Portland, and Philadelphia to name a few.

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