Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quotes from the Q&A for Beyond the Secret

Quotes from the Q&A for Beyond the Secret

The Q & A was a wealth of knowledge, laughter and wisdom… the quotes were coming so fast that I could not write down who said what…when they said it…. So I am leaving up to you to pick them all out when you watch the bonus material on the video.

Bob Proctor, Holli Walker, Les Brown, Marcia Wieder, Christian Simpson, Paul Martinelli, Mark

Moffitt, Steve Siebold, Mary Manin Morrissey and Leeza Gibbons .

“Sometimes we find ourselves going in the wrong direction and picking up speed!”

“Work hard enough and you can shape your world according to your desires.”

“Be in Harmony with your purpose.”

“You don’t get what you want … you get what you are.”

“The only place that Success comes before Work…is in the Dictionary.”

“ An idea in the mind…either feared or revered will form itself.”

“If your Results are out of Focus…perhaps the thoughts are out of Focus.”

“Detoxify your relationships.”

“Ask for help….if you are going to win at something…ask people that are winning.”

“Practice…Faith based on knowledge, wisdom and understanding.”

“Life will move on you if you don’t move.”

“Thoughts + feeling + actions = Attitude.”

“You need to Speed Up…not slow down…What you need to do is Calm Down.”

“Program your mind! Just like you brush your teeth…make it an effort.”

“Guard your thoughts …what flows into your mind flows out as results.”

“The root word for Education means to come from within.”

“Wisdom is knowledge Applied.”

“Ask the question..Why isn’t this life working.”

“Think into Results.”

“Hope for the future…gives you Power in the Present.”

“There is never a shortage of $ only a shortage of ideas.”

“Failing does not make you a failure.”

“Failure is your fertilizer…it will help you grow!”

And finally…my favorite line of the evening….Les Brown said, “Some people are so negative that if they were to go into a dark room, they would develop!”

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Mike Garson was the pianist, composer and artist that honored us with his amazing creation about Obama’s election during the beginning and the middle of this event.

Would you like to have a Live Beyond the Secret Q&A in your country…Please let us know.
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