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Removing Your Own Marcia Johnson

Removing Your Own Limits
As a child, I had childish beliefs; they were my own truths that I carried with me for many many years, beliefs that limited my own experiences. For example I hated to eat tomatoes, zucchini, nuts, spinach, chicken and even gravy. As I have matured, I removed my own childish limitations and beliefs that denied me the opportunity to try new things.

Growing up, I stopped myself from exploring new places because perhaps there might be snakes. Silly because 10 times out of 10, no snakes were found by any of my friends; however, they were able to have fun, while I sat on the sidelines. I had built up a fear that created a wall that stopped me from having lots of enjoyment. Somewhere in my childhood, I picked up the false belief that all snakes were dangerous. (I still think they are yucky, but I am no longer a captive to my own fears.) I know now that F.E.A.R. is only False- Evidence- Appearing- Real.
Along our life paths we pick up “truths” that placed limits on our own experiences. They may come from our parents, friends, television, religion or teachers. We carry these beliefs with us throughout our lives. Since truth is only relative to our own life experiences; perhaps we looked up to someone that was prejudice, then usually unknowingly, we carry this false evidence with us throughout our lives. A great example of this can be found in the following story:

When my kids were younger, my oldest son was making fun of his younger brother because he was born with 100% hearing lose in one of his ears. In order to stop the abuse, I told the older one that he had no room to talk because he was not born perfect either. I told him that he was born without a belly button. The only reason that he had one now was because I did not want him to be made fun of so I paid for him to have one implanted.

So for about 5 years he believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was born without a belly button. Until the day he was sitting in grade 5 health class hearing his teacher describe the purpose of an umbilical cord. Colten raised his hand and asked how his teacher explained how he was able to receive nourishment without having a belly button. Well long story short, let’s just say he was none too happy with his mother when he got home from school that day. A quick story that at the time never meant any harm turned into a belief that he carried with him for years…because it was a “truth” that he had learnt from someone that he trusted.

There was a time that everyone on earth believed that the earth was flat, then along came Christopher Columbus and proved otherwise. If it weren’t for Henry Ford, everyone will still believe that horses were the only way to travel. Thanks to Tomas Edison’s mind stretching inventions, everyone today has the gift of light. These men are great examples of why it is so important not to deny ourselves the chance to nurture our personal development. When we hold on to limiting beliefs, we deny ourselves the chance to grow and experience opportunities to learn.

If we can set aside our own limited beliefs, we can open ourselves up. The Tao Te Ching, teaches us to remain flexible and open to change. When we hold onto past beliefs that make us firm and unbendable, we are unable to grow. It is like planting a seed in a container with a lid on it, yes the seed may grow, however it will only grow as big as the container allows. This is the same as if we deny ourselves the experience to grow by holding onto our own limiting beliefs. We place a lid on our own life experiences.

What if, we suspend everything that we were to previously believe to be true as we approach a new situation? By doing this, we are able to see things from a new perspective. This gives us the opportunity to see things clearer and expand our own learning. When we remove our own limitations and false evidenced that appears real, we grow like never before!

Unless we have had the opportunity to travel the globe and experience new cultures and understanding, most enlightenment has been in the blind spot of our life experience. That is the reason we are building the EAUPENING (opening). In order to bring to light all that is GOOD in the world and in ourselves....The EAUPENING provides a place for everyone, any age, race, religion or background to fill their cup with all things positive. It is a place where content is monitored by the users. People can drink from this virtual Mecca of positive conversations and information then come away feeling refreshed and better for the experience. Our EAUPENING Family sincerely invites you to join the EAUPENING. We encourage you to share your own stories and experiences with the World!

With Love,

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