Monday, April 27, 2009

Wisdom Beyond Years

My youngest kids are just so cute…. The things that come out of their mouths fascinate me. My daughter says every morning… “This is the Best day of my life.” It doesn’t matter what she has planned for the day… it is the Best day.
The other day we were driving to Grandma’s house and our son said this is the Best day of his life. He goes there often, there was not much different from this trip there and all of the other times that we have been there. When I asked him what made today the Best day ever, he said…"it just is.”

We had a discussion about where they had learnt that this may be the best day ever. They revealed that they learnt it from the longest running show on TV. On the show, the boy said that it was the worst day ever…the Dad chimed in with…”this is your worst day …so far.”
So the really neat thing and the reason that I am telling you this little story is because…No matter what the words are, it is the perspective that you take when you hear the words that makes them true…

My 6 year old and my 4 year old, latched onto those words and made them their own. There perspective when hearing the words helped them to flip them upside down…so now when they use them…Every Day, is the Best day ever…

From the mouths of Babes…come some of the best life lessons…that us Adults need to Learn.

Most Humbly,


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