Friday, May 1, 2009

Are YOU Making a Difference

Thanks to Facebook, Skype & Twitter, I have met some of my very best friends. It is an opening to a world without borders; we can interact with people regardless of traditional boundaries. Time Zones don’t matter, there are no flights to take in order to visit, no lineups, and no real waiting. We live in a time where interactions are instant regardless if people are right in front of their computers…they can reply from their phones.

There was a time where I felt, I was alone…I was unique in my thoughts and why was I the only one. Now, I am connected with thousands of likeminded thinkers from all over the planet. I can see into their thoughts, view pictures and watch videos about all of their movement they make as they step towards creating the world a better place. I am not alone in my thinking… I have connected with thousands of people who are Making A Difference Everyday… they are M.A.D.E.
When we think that we are alone…when we isolate ourselves in our own perspective and deny ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow, we falsely think that we are alone. Even though we withdraw ourselves form some aspects of life, we are not invisible…we are missed…even if we think are not. We are all a valuable part of the collective consciousness. When we tell ourselves that we are not…that is a story…it is BS and not true. Everyone has a purpose, a reason and creates a ripple effect … even though we may never see the affects of our time on earth. Every action we take, every decision we make , everything that we do matters… we are all impacting people’s lives, the planet and generations to come. It all boils down to the choices that we make…even the “choice” to do nothing is a choice…

We serve no one by keeping ourselves small… so I encourage you to start …start making educated decisions that positively make a difference in the world, in your world and in your daily life… by doing that, you affect us all!
Most Humbly,

Facebook Educate 101: When you come across a story, picture, video etc… click on the “like” button..That way it boosts the popularity of the “Liked” piece and promotes it on the newsfeeds..therefore spreading the love all over Facebook!

Stand for Peace


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