Thursday, November 12, 2009

From ME to WE!

The other day while reflecting about the friend limit that I have reached on facebook and how I can no longer add any more friends, I asked a friend how she created such an amazing twitter following, she said that she had a handful of fantastic re-tweeters and great friends…and the rest was just numbers.

She then asked how I do everything that I have created. My reach may not be as deep … but it is extremely wide. With 8 twitter accounts, (linked to some of my facebook pages) 22 groups that I am administrator of (the majority I have created) radio shows, applications, websites , magazines I write for and more. How do I do it? …well…I just do. ..because nobody told me I couldn’t!

My access to outstanding people spans the globe. With the touch of a button, I can share, learn and grow with thousands and thousands… and thousands. It may look like I do everything, however, from a different perspective, I have a huge network of amazing people working together..sharing with each other. They are OUR groups, pages, sites, etc…

For example: I have not personally sent 800,000 applications (that I built) around the world… it was YOU. I simply provided the gift of my own talent.
My ability to embrace many, in multiple areas of interest has facilitated all types of possibilities. I AM a network connector…bridging the gap between business, investing, leadership, natural laws, personal development, charity and spirituality. Part of my purpose is to highlight the potential of working together as WE…rather than working alone as ME.

Globally we are entering a new era of joint ventures and elevating others by offering a hand up rather than a hand out! Transforming the patterned mindsets of climbing my own way to the top, to that of one where we step into abundance together. Working collectively for the greater good of the entire planet is the direction our human evolution is taking us on in this journey of learning.

From the state of mind of “WE”, we are able to transcend the F.E.A.R of limiting beliefs and step into the new earth where people work jointly rather than against. WE allow the opportunity to see things through eyes of others and ask, how can we help?…Rather than telling people what they need! WE will work ONE!

Humbly Yours,

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P.S. I am about to hit the Facebook Friend Limit of 5000 friends. It would be great to connect & learn more about YOU so I invite you link with me here: on my facebook page. I have created about 30 groups, pages & applications so I have a lot to share with you, I will do my very best to Inspire and Motivate YOU to live your full potential. Thank YOU... Feel free to share with me, more about YOU!

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