Sunday, November 8, 2009

180 Life and Style Makeovers

I am so very excited to share with you what my friend Holli Walker (producer & creator of the Beyond the Secret movie) is up to now... 180 Life & Style... will give YOU the tools to Look Great and feel Great... every single day.

Empowering YOU to be a deeper fuller expression of who YOU were meant to be... inspiring YOU to be the very best YOU that YOU can be. Do YOU work to be Happy...fulfilled and motivated to live your life on purpose? " You are powered by YOU," so... is your inside and outside in alignment? Do YOU want to be apart of an amazing process that will change lives? Are YOU in need of a 180? or do you want to join me in inspiring, empowering & transforming lives? All while learning from the masters of self empowerment… Either way... take a moment to watch a couple of exciting videos...

180 is a fresh and fun approach to the world of personal development. If your passion is helping people realize their full potential, we'll provide the tools to help YOU make that happen! This IS An OPPORTUNITY to MAKE MONEY while DOING WHAT YOU LOVE! Check out and I invite you to join us on Facebook as well:

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