Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Planting Seeds for Peace Wrap UP Show...

What a sensational year it has been with all that we have been up to.... with the Eaupening, Stock Harmony, Peace In OUR Lifetime, 11:11 Awaking and WOW.

So this morning in order to express our gratitude Lynne, Deremiah, Ian, Darryl and myself came together to do a BEing with YOU radio show on Planting Seeds for Peace Radio. It has a wonderful tribute to all of our partners and contributors.

There has been so many outstanding things this year that we just had to take a moment to celebrate all of the abundance that took place throughout the year! Do take a moment to pause with us to remember all of the life lessons that the universe through our way.

Deremiah talks about, "Living in the in creativity," and living a life of pure abundance. His life's mission is to leave the world better than how he found it!

Darryl added that, releasing and stop making excuses for what is happening allows us to see that' "Life is a Choice!" "This year I will not except any excuses or negativity into my life. I will move forward with no hesitations or reasons why I can't. Everything I desire is waiting for me to accept into my life, and I will confidently do so when it is required. Doubt and blame will no longer hold me back from reaching my goals. Habitual... thoughts will be in the past where they belong, leaving room for a bright future..."

Ian spoke about "First comes INSPIRATION....than comes PERSPIRATION." As well as his new book that will be available FREE in the new year.. listen to the show to find out more...

As I write this blog, I am re-listening to the radio show and am blown away with the outstanding creations that took place over the last year... I know that I was apart of all of it, however with the action that took place to bring it all into fruition it blows me away. Listen in to understand what I mean ...

Your invite to join these amazing pages on Facebook: Deremiah's page: We STAND for Peace with Deremiah *CPE

Ian's group: Alliance For An Awakened Humanity

Darryl group : The Group Connecting All People In All Groups For One Cause, WORLD PEACE.

Peace In OUR Lifetime page :

The Eaupening:

Stock Harmony:

Thank YOU so very much who YOU are BEing on the planet to make a difference. 2010 is going to be even better as it is an opportunity for us all to come together. May you have a year filled with PEACE, understanding, love and learning!

Humbly Yours,
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