Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Success

Welcome to 2010-01-01 ... in this new year, I am so very excited to share with YOU the opportunity to Uncover the Science of Success with the Beyond the Secret Star and Co-Producer Christian Simpson.

Christian is hosting a FREE Telesiminar Tuesday, January 12, 2010 from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM called Science of Success: The IQ Myth

The Science of Success is a unique and powerful personal growth program designed for individuals committed to creating success in life on their own terms. To learn more please watch:

Created and delivered by a one of the world’s most highly respected professional leadership coaches...Christian Simpson. The Science of Success is the output of over half a century of research into the field of human potential, success and leadership development.

The program is purposely designed to unlock the latent potential within us. A potent mix of the most powerful personal development material available, self-leadership growth assignments and live interactive group coaching sessions, The Science of Success incorporates proven methodologies that empower individual change.

It’s a challenging, inspirational and rewarding journey of personal transformation that improves self-awareness and the primary intelligences that underpin success and leadership.

There is a Science of Success, and it begins with your personal development.

It is time to evolve.

Sign up for this life changing event here:

Space is limited so please don’t delay! I will be there learning with you!

Humbly Yours,

P.S. Excerpt from Lesson 1: "Become a conscious participant in your life. No longer subject yourself to the pull of the societal drift. Observe what you are being, doing and having, and decide whether it is serving you. The purpose of daily life is not discovery, it is to create who and what you are, and then to experience that which you create" YOU can join the Science of Success Facebook page here :

P.P.S. I have hit the Facebook Friend Limit of 5000 friends. It would be great to connect & learn more about YOU so I invite you link with me here: on my facebook page. I have created about 30 groups, pages & applications so I have a lot to share with you, I will do my very best to Inspire and Motivate YOU to live your full potential. Thank YOU... Feel free to share with me, more about YOU!

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