Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~The Law of Nonresistance~

You need to remind yourself constantly that nothing has power over you. When you begin to become disturbed or worried about some situation, remind yourself that it has no power. The affirmation that you have used before—“None of these things disturbs me”—is very appropriate. This is the Law of Nonresistance. In concept, it... is very simple, yet it is very difficult to practice at the outset.

You must be constantly vigilant. You must learn to recognize when you are empowering people or situations. Each time you feel your emotions stirring, send a blessing to whatever or whomever you are reacting to and affirm that it cannot and will not disturb you.

The rigorous practice of this technique will increase the peace that you experience, and that, in turn, will allow your good to flow more freely in your life.

~Lessons from the Source by Jack Armstrong

Stand for Peace


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