Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spaming Facebook HighJackers

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Facebook talks to YOU on Facebook!!!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute to remind you that when Facebook has an announcement, they will announce it on Facebook! This means that Facebook will NOT email YOU to let you know that there has been a problem with YOUr Account ... this is simply a Phishing tactic that is designed to HIGHJACK your account! Sample Below:










Protect your account because Facebook seems to have a NO Return Policy when it comes to Recovering your account!

A precaution that you can take is to turn off ALL email notifications within the settings panel on Facebook!

Click on Notifications Tab….

“To control which notifications you receive from Facebook and applications, use the checkboxes below. Scroll to the bottom of the page to save your changes.”

This will also help YOU to not experience Facebook OVERload from receiving too many messages. YOU can control your Facebook experience…. Take charge of your Profile so that you ENJOY it rather than feel the effects of the Tsunami “Stuff” that is sent out! YOU are the gatekeeper of your time, so manage your account instead of being drained by it!

Same goes for Group Messages… in order to StOp receiving messages from Groups in your Facebook Inbox … You need to remove yourself from the Group! There is always something for everyone, so instead of reporting everything as SPAM … simply remove yourself from it … unless it truly is SPAM … then Report it!

Happy Facebooking!!!


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