Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Do YOU have to Gri.pe About?

This morning I had the opportunity to interview the Ceo of Gri.pe :Farhad Mohit

Farhad Mohit

"Farhad loves people and creates things. In addition to Gripe, Farhad founded DotSpots in 2008, Shopzilla in 2004 and BizRate.com in 1996. He led BizRate.com and Shopzilla from launch to profitability and through a successful $562 million sale. "

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For Example this is from a CHEER that I posted : This cheer is influencing 1,253,284 people, thru 10,422 friends and followers!

How Gri.pe works...

Utilizing our own Social Networks WE (the people) allow Businesses & Service Providers the 'Opportunity to do the Right thing' with the assistance of Gri.pe's technology!

If you have not done so already.. download this application so that YOU can start sharing YOUR influence for Positive change at http://gri.pe ... you will also be able to see the positive suggestions that come from the companies response. Simply sign in via your Facebook & or twitter profile.

Gri.pe fosters Customer Satisfaction on the spot in Real Time!


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