Thursday, November 5, 2009

Self Healing...How to:

I have done alot of different things to be able to learn and grow... and let go. However one of the very most important things I did, was to get honest with myself. Pure loving honesty that came without my own judgement. Writing that book really did help me. Self work, will help your children's Parent become a much more loving, caring and understanding person. It helps your patience level and can be the first step in becoming the person that YOU want to be.

Since WE teach people how to treat us.... it really does start with ourselves. If we don't love who were are... how can we expect anyone else to?

Make a list.... step outside who you are right now, make a list about everything in your life that you are packing around (emotionally ) that is not serving you in becoming the person that YOU want to be... (not the definition of who YOU think someone else wants you to be.) Make the list, JUDGEMENTFREE, include even the things that don't seem all that big... if it comes to mind... write it down.

I am not going to kid you... this is something that takes time. It has taken a lifetime to compile all of the hurts & scares that you have in your life.... but it won't take a lifetime to heal them.... just time.

Next take the list and break it down. In a scribbler, define what that item meant to you at the time...and what you have now made it mean in your life.... what you have learnt from it and if it is a repeated pattern in your life.

Take the time to do that with everything on your list. Don't worry about printing, spelling or anything... this book is for YOU, and judgement doesn't matter.. Judgement is not allowed here.

Even though this seems like a mountain of work... I promise you... YOU are Worth it! You are worth the time it will take to heal... your family is worth it... and everyone that YOU are in contact with... is worth it... YOU are doing this for YOU.. but you are also doing this... to heal the generations past and future... YOU are WORTH IT!

As you write... do it from a mindset of strength.... power... and victim free! You are doing this, to allow yourself the opportunity to live your NOW by design...and not by default. Know that YOU are not alone, you are safe... and YOU have the tools inside of YOU to Allow your healing.

So grab... your pen, paper, kleenex and prepare for peace of mind...
Step 1 Awareness..without Judgement ..and pure Honesty...with yourself
Step 2 Understanding...and SELF Forgiveness
Step 3 Releasing the Baggage
Step 4 Defining who YOU want to BE
Step 5 Taking Action .... (the energy that you place here is very important) I have several radio show about this to listen to if you need assistance.

My dear friend. Know that YOU are not alone. Everything up to this moment, has been perfect in the big picture... for your own learning. YOU have the power to remove..your own judgement, guilt, and negativity from the vocabulary of your own mind chatter. Within YOU is the LOVE that you need in order to step through the place where you are now... to the place that YOU want to BE.

Take the drivers seat of your life...release the resistance and start enjoying the ride that is your own human experience! You are a divine being.... being human... so transform your life from a 'human doing....' to a human BEing...who, what and where YOU want to be...instead of who YOU think YOU should be because of a pattern that YOU created in your life.

YOU can do it... I believe in YOU... you are worth it!

This note is in responce to the note that I posted on my blog called... From Coal to Diamonds

Shine brightly my friends.. you can serve no one by keeping yourself small.
Humbly Yours,
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